Tracking and adjusting inventory

Viewing your product inventory

You can view product inventory on the Products page, which displays a combined inventory count for all the variants of each product.

You can view the inventory counts for your product variants on the Inventory page. On the Inventory page, you can search variants, filter or sort by different criteria, or change the sort order. You can also add tags to your products to help with inventory management.

Adjusting inventory quantities

You can change the available inventory quantity of products in the following ways:

  • on the Inventory page
  • for product with variants, on the product details page
  • using the bulk editor
  • using the inventory CSV file

You can also use the inventory barcode scanner on a mobile device to add barcodes for your products.

If a product's inventory quantity is tracked using inventory apps, then its quantities will be allocated only to that app location. You can change the locations products are assigned to.

When you have multiple locations, a location filter appears in the Shopify admin on pages and sections where it applies, such as the Orders page and the Inventory page. When you select a location in the filter, the page keeps your selection until you change it. The selected location for a page is stored in a browser cookie, so it isn’t maintained between devices or browsers.

Adjust inventory quantities

Adjust inventory quantities for products without variants

Adjust inventory quantities for products with variants for a single location

After the inventory amounts are updated, you can find a record of this adjustment, and adjustments up to 90 days old, by viewing the product or variant's inventory adjustment history.

From the Adjustment History page, you can also review adjustments that were made by third-party apps or by processes that occur automatically in Shopify.

Learn more about viewing your inventory adjustment history.

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