Returns glossary

Here are some common terms you might hear as you use Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) returns.

Closed box inspection

Closed box inspection refers to the visual inspection of an item without opening the original item package.


Dispose refers to the process the fulfillment center will take to remove or destroy inventory. Disposal occurs in these situations:

  • Items that are not sellable, pristine and cannot be donated will be disposed of.
  • Depending on materials inside, not all items may not be disposed. Examples are liquids, perishables, supllements.
  • Restricted items
  • If items are missing barcodes and items are not identifiable by the information in the return order.


Items in pristine resellable condition will be eligible to be put back into the fulfillment center inventory and sold.

Return order

A Return order # is a numbered authorization issued by a mail-order business that allows a product to be returned.


A return is the process of a customer sending a product back to the merchant from whom they purchased it.


Repackaging into a polybag if a plastics wrap from the original itme is removed. Additionally, standard barcode label added if needed and product is identifiable.

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