Accessing your Shopify organization admin

You can access the Shopify organization admin by logging in to a store in your organization, and then using the global navigation menu to access and manage components of your organization, such as users and stores.

If you have organization-level access, then the global navigation menu is displayed in its collapsed state next to your store's menu. When you position your cursor over the global navigation menu, it expands. The global navigation menu enables you to access and manage components of your organization, such as users and stores.

The menu items that are available to each user depend on which organization tool and administration accesses that each user has been given. Even if a user has access to a store, for the global navigation menu to be available to them, they must be given at least one organizational access.

When you are in the Shopify organization admin, the global navigation menu is expanded. When you are in a store's Shopify admin, the menu is collapsed.

Change your store identifier in the global navigation menu

Store identifiers appear as a two-letter abbreviation in the global navigation menu. By default, the store identifiers are based on the first letter or letters of a store's name. For example:

  • Svenshirts - Sv
  • Sven's Shirts - SS
  • Sven's Shirt Depot - SD

When the global navigation menu is collapsed, only the identifier for each store is displayed. If you have several store identifiers that are the same, then you can change them to make the stores easier to identify. In addition, you can change the internal store name so that it is more specific than the external store name. Changing the internal store name does not affect what appears in your store or in any customer communications.

Store identifiers are used by partners, users, and store staff to identify stores in your organization. Verify that the store identifier is meaningful so that these users can select stores easily.

If you change the internal store name and/or the store identifier, then the new value must be unique. You can't use a value that already exists in the organization.


  1. From your Shopify organization admin, click Stores.
  2. Click the store whose identifier you want to change.
  3. In the Internal store name and identifier section, click Edit internal name and identifier.
  4. If you want to base the abbreviation on a name other than the actual store name, click Show custom name, and then enter a name that represents this particular store. The default indicator is based on this value.
  5. If you want to change the identifier, click Show custom identifier, and then enter up to three Latin or UTF‑8 characters.
  6. Click Save.

The global navigation menu displays the new identifier. If you also changed the internal store name, then it is displayed, too.

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