Setting up your Experts Marketplace profile

Before you can become discoverable by merchants on the Shopify Experts Marketplace, you must first create a profile page and at least one service page.

Your profile and service pages help merchants determine if you're the right fit for the work they’re looking to get done. As a Shopify Expert, it helps you showcase your unique skills and style, while also setting clear expectations with merchants.

Profile page

Your profile page will contain basic information about you - your company name, the languages you speak, your location, and a brief biography.

All the services you provide, as well as links to your service pages, will be listed on your profile page.

Services pages

Starting price

Your starting price for a service is what you would charge for the basic version of that service. When you set up your service pages, you'll see that there's already a minimum starting price set by Shopify. This ensures that all service providers are aligned on a minimum cost, and prevents unrealistic merchant expectations.

Included in starting price

In this section you should include details about what you will provide for the starting price. Some best practices for this section include:

  • List any upper limits in this basic scope, such as maximum number of products or web pages included in this price.
  • Provide information to help merchants compare your service offering to other experts at the same price point. For example, do you offer a training call after you set up a new feature? Does your SEO service include a written report or a competitive analysis?

Additional work and price information

Use this section to provide further information about what could be added to the service and what it would cost. Some best practices for this section include:

  • List any additional work for the service that is not included in the starting price. This could be work that you provide at additional cost, or that the merchant will have to source on their own. For example, specify whether you require merchants to provide their own copy or images, or whether you can provide them at additional cost.
  • List factors that can add to project cost. For example, additional requests for customizations, extra revisions, third-party costs such as licenses or apps, and so on.
  • Where possible, include a breakdown of what additional items would cost if the scope is increased. For example, if your standard package includes 3 email campaigns, provide a price for each additional campaign.

Work samples

For each service you provide, you will also be able to upload up to 6 work samples related to the service. Within each work sample, you can upload multiple images and a description to help merchants understand the work performed. Some best practices for this section include:

  • Make the work samples relevant to the service, since merchants will be looking at your work samples in context of the service. For example, you might have completed a large project with multiple services, but for the work sample, we recommend you make the images and description relevant to the specific service.
  • In the description, include an approximate cost for the work done to help merchants understand how much similar work would cost.
  • Use high resolution images (at least 1024 x 800 at 300 dpi) where possible.

Example service pages

The following examples show what service pages look like, including detailed descriptions of the services that are offered.

Visual content and branding

An image showing an example of an Expert listing

Development and troubleshooting

An image showing an example of an Expert listing