Google Shopping app FAQ

Find answers to common questions about Shopify's Google Shopping app.

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Does Shopify's Google Shopping app support multiple languages?

No. Product names and options, including variants, must be in English.

Why can't I export a data feed and manually upload it?

The Google Shopping app uses Google's Content API for Shopping to send product information to Google Merchant Center.

The API is more accurate and secure when automatically updating your product's frequently changing fields such as inventory, description, and price. Google recommends using the API rather than manually uploading product feeds to make sure that the information remains accurate and consistent.

How are prices being calculated for my products on Google Shopping?

Google Merchant Center requires products synced to certain countries to have taxes included in their prices. If Google requires that taxes be included in your price, the Google Shopping app will automatically add taxes to your synced price regardless of your tax settings inside Shopify.

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