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Order status JavaScript asset

You can add JavaScript to the order status page (formerly called the Thank You page) of your checkout using the Additional content & scripts box in your Shopify admin.

The Shopify.Checkout.OrderStatus JavaScript asset can be used to add many types of content to your order status page, including:

  • notes on specific products
  • instructions for individual shipping methods
  • download links for digital products.

This JavaScript asset can also be accessed through ScriptTag.

How it works

Shopify.Checkout.OrderStatus contains a function for generating new content:


This function adds a content box where each parameter passed into the function is rendered as a separate row.

HTML5 is supported inside the function and you can use liquid outside of the function.


You can add content when a particular shipping method has been used:

  {% if checkout.shipping_method.title == 'Pick-up at the store' %}
     '<h2>Pick-up in store</h2>',
     '<p>We are open everyday from 9am to 5pm.</p>'
  {% endif %}

Additional content box 1

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