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Using bulk actions in your Shopify admin

In many pages of the Shopify admin, you can perform actions in bulk. For example, you can fulfill many orders, delete many files, or publish many products all at once.

You can use bulk actions on many pages of your Shopify admin, including Orders, Customers, and Products. This page includes a list of pages and their bulk actions.

Select items to edit in bulk

There are 4 ways to select list items to prepare for a bulk action:

Select items one by one

To select items one at a time, click the checkbox next to each item you want to select:

Click to select items

Select a range of items

Click to select an item, then hold the shift key and click another item. This will select the first and last items you clicked and all items in between.

Select all list items on a page

There is a master checkbox at the top of most item lists. You can click the master checkbox to select every list item on a page:

Select all items

Select all list items (50+)

There is a master checkbox at the top of most item lists. You can click the master checkbox to select every list item on a page. To select more than 50 items for a bulk action:

  1. Click the master checkbox.

  2. Click Select all 50+ items from your store.


Performing bulk actions on 50+ items can take a few minutes. If you have selected all list items for a bulk action, then wait for the bulk action to complete before making other changes.

Select 50 plus items

Choose a bulk action to perform in your Shopify admin

When you have selected your list items, you can choose a bulk action to perform:

  1. Click the Bulk actions button.

  2. Click the action of your choice, for example, Delete selected products:

    Select a bulk action
  3. If you're deleting list items, you will need to confirm your choice by clicking Delete:

    Delete items confirmation

List of bulk actions in your Shopify admin

Bulk actions can be used on the following pages of your Shopify admin, each with its own set of available actions:

Admin page Bulk actions available
  • Fulfill orders
  • Capture order payments
  • Archive orders
  • Unarchive orders
  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • App functions (depending on installed apps)
Orders / Drafts
  • Delete draft orders
  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
Orders / Abandoned checkouts
  • Archive checkouts
  • Unarchive checkouts
  • Publish selected products
  • Hide selected products
  • Delete selected products
  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Add to collection
  • Remove from collection
  • App functions (depending on installed apps)
Products / Inventory
  • Disable selected Gift Cards
Products / Collections
  • Publish selected collections
  • Hide selected collections
  • Delete selected collections
Products / Gift Cards
  • Disable selected Gift Cards
  • Delete selected customers
  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Disable Discounts
  • Enable Discounts
  • Delete Discounts
Online Store / Blog Posts
  • Publish selected blog posts
  • Unpublish selected blog posts
  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Delete blog posts
Online Store / Pages
  • Publish selected pages
  • Unpublish selected pages
  • Delete pages
Online Store / Navigation / URL Redirects
  • Delete selected redirects
Settings / Files
  • Delete selected files

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