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Reports and analytics

You can use Shopify's reports to learn about your sales and customers in great detail.

You can also set up analytics services, such as Facebook Pixel. With some initial effort, you can use these tools to improve your business.

Reports page

Availability of reports

You can access different types of reports from your Shopify admin depending on your Shopify plan:

Types of reports
(for details, click the links below)
Shopify Lite Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify Shopify Plus
Finances reports
(including taxes and payments)
Overview dashboard
Sales reports - -
Customers reports - -
Acquisition reports - -
Behavior reports - -
Custom reports - - -

If you upgrade to a different plan, then your additional reports will provide data from the time you started using Shopify.

For example, let’s say you start out with Basic Shopify in January, and then upgrade to the Shopify plan in April. After upgrading, you can access the sales, customer, acquisition, and behavior reports and all the relevant data going back to January.

For information on plan levels and pricing, go to the Shopify plans page.

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