Selling on Facebook with Shopify

You can sell products directly on Facebook using the Facebook sales channel. When you activate the channel, Facebook creates a Shop tab to display your products on your Facebook page and connects it to your Shopify admin. When you make changes to products in Shopify, they are automatically updated in your Facebook shop. Customers can checkout without leaving Facebook and you can manage all your orders in one place.

Learn about the Facebook sales channel

Selling your products through the Facebook sales channel helps you build your business in some great ways:

  • Products in collections that are already added to the Facebook sales channel will automatically be synchronized to your Facebook Shop tab.

  • A two-click checkout process lets eligible customers purchase directly on Facebook without redirecting to your Shopify store.

  • Easy integration with Shopify means that you can review sales and traffic data from your Shopify admin.

  • Shopify ecommerce on your Facebook page is optimized for both desktop and mobile shopping.

When you add products to the Facebook sales channel in your Shopify admin, they appear on your Facebook page under the Shop tab:

Facebook shop tab


Shopify's Facebook sales channel replaces the Facebook Shop app. If you've already installed the Facebook Shop app, then make sure you upgrade it to the Facebook sales channel.

Set up the Facebook sales channel

To set up the Facebook sales channel, you need to follow a few steps. At the beginning of the setup process, Facebook will verify your account information. After your account is verified, the Facebook sales channel will be activated. You will then be able to add products to your Facebook Shop tab using Shopify.


Before you can set up the Facebook sales channel, you need to have completed the following steps:


A Facebook page can be assigned a unique ID which is separate from your personal account ID. Anyone whose Facebook account has an admin or editor role on the page can post, comment, and message as the page without the customers ever seeing personal information. Learn more about Facebook page roles.

Add the Facebook sales channel in Shopify

When you meet all the requirements, the first part of the setup process is to add the Facebook sales channel:

Connect your Facebook account

When you have the Facebook sales channel added, you need to connect the Facebook account you want associated with your products:

  1. Click Account, and then click Connect account.

  2. If you are already logged in to Facebook, then confirm that you're using the correct Facebook account. If you are not logged in, then enter your Facebook login information.


    If you want to change which Facebook account is connected to Shopify, then you can do so from the Facebook sales channel's Account page in your Shopify admin.

  3. Follow the prompts on the Log in with Facebook dialog to allow Shopify to connect with your business's Facebook page. After this step, Facebook begins the process of verifying your account information, which can take 48 hours or more. You will be notified by email and in your Shopify admin when they have completed the account verification process.

If your account verification does not work, then you can contact Facebook for more information. All accounts, pages, and products associated with the Facebook sales channel are subject to approval by Facebook, according to their Sales Policy.

Choose which checkout to use

Customers who buy your products on Facebook can check out through Facebook or Shopify. If your store is eligible to use both checkout types, then you can choose the checkout that you want your customers to use. Only customers browsing from the United States will be able to checkout on Facebook.

Facebook holds merchants accountable to specific timelines and other requirements for fulfillment, returns, and shipping of orders placed on Facebook. Make sure that you understand and follow the Facebook Sales Policy when you process these orders.


If you want all customer orders to be subject to your business's published policies, then choose the Shopify checkout as your default in the Facebook sales channel. Otherwise, orders will be subject to the Facebook Sales Policy.

Facebook checkout eligibility

To be eligible for checkout on Facebook, your store needs to:

  • have a plan selected
  • have at least one product
  • sell in United States dollars
  • ship to the United States
  • use Shopify Payments.

Select Use Shopify checkout if you want to use a payment gateway other than Shopify Payments.


Customers will be redirected to your Shopify checkout if your store doesn't ship to the US.

Set up your checkout

After Facebook has verified your account information, you need to set up a checkout option for your customers:

  1. Click Account

  2. In the Checkout section, select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:

    • Best checkout option available (recommended): Customers will check out through Facebook when eligible, otherwise they will be redirected to your Shopify checkout.
    • Customers purchase through Shopify checkout: All customers will be redirected to your Shopify checkout:
      Facebook checkout setting
  3. Click Save to confirm your change.


Customers will not receive Shopify order notification emails when they checkout through Facebook.

Customer experience

After your account is verified by Facebook, a Shop tab will appear on your Facebook page. This is where your products and collections will be displayed when they are visible to the Facebook channel. You can manage your products, orders, and customers in your Shopify admin.

Facebook will also place a Shop Now button on your main Facebook page which links to the Shop tab on your Facebook page. You can make changes to the button on Facebook, including by linking it to a Shopify online store.

Customer inquiries

Customers can message you through your Facebook page using Messenger, and you can respond as your business. If you add the Messenger channel, then customers can buy your products directly in chat using an automated system.

Your customers can also contact you by email using the Contact Seller button in their receipt and in their Purchase History in Facebook. This button will forward customer inquiries to the customer support email you have on file with Shopify. According to Facebook's Sales Policy, you need to respond to your customers' inquiries within ten business days.

Customer information

Facebook requires that you handle the customer information that you gather through your Facebook sales channel according to their Sales Policy, Self-Serve Ads Terms, and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Review Facebook's Sales Policy

Before you start selling through the Facebook sales channel, make sure that you review Facebook's Sales Policy. This policy affects how you process orders placed directly through Facebook (which appear as Facebook sales in your Shopify admin). Facebook holds merchants accountable to specific timelines and other requirements for those orders' fulfillment, returns, and shipping.

You can review the required terms and conditions from the Account page of the Facebook sales channel in your Shopify admin:

  1. Click Account.
  2. In the Terms and Conditions section, review the separate sets of terms and conditions:
    Fb channel terms

Remove the Facebook sales channel

If you want to stop selling your Shopify products on Facebook, then you can remove the Facebook sales channel:

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