Managing comments on blog posts

You can allow comments from customers on your blog posts, disable comments, or allow comments pending moderation. Allowing comments can provide a place for conversations about your business and products, but you might need to delete spam or unwelcome comments.

Allow or disable comments on a blog

When you create a new blog, comments are disabled, so visitors to your blog can't leave comments on any posts on that blog. The comment settings have three options:

  • Comments are disabled: Visitors to your blog can't leave comments on posts.

  • Comments are allowed, pending moderation: Visitors to your blog can leave comments, but you will need to review the comments before they will appear on your blog.

  • Comments are allowed, and are automatically published: Visitors to your blog can leave comments and they will appear on your blog without your review.

To manage comment settings:

  1. Click Manage blogs.

  2. Click the name of the blog you want to edit.

  3. In the Comments section, select the option that you want, and then click Save.


You can remove or moderate individual comments on blog posts.

Moderate comments

If you choose to allow comments pending moderation, then you will have to approve all comments before they are published on your blog. You can also approve or delete multiple comments using a bulk action.

To approve or delete comments:

  1. Click Manage comments.

  2. In the Comment section, click Approve to publish the comment on your blog, or click the trash can to delete the comment.

  3. Click Save.

Remove spam comments

Shopify checks all blog comments for signs of spam and flags them. Flagged comments won't be displayed on your blog, but will appear in your Shopify admin.

To delete a spam comment:

  1. Click Manage comments.

  2. If the spam comment isn't flagged, then click Spam to flag it.

  3. Click the trash can beside a comment flagged as Spam to delete the comment.

  4. Click Save.

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