Shopkey is a keyboard extension for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It gives you access to your product catalog and lets you quickly add links to your products in messaging apps, on social media, and in other places online.

To use Shopkey, you need to download the keyboard and enable it on your iOS device. After you enable it, you can use it in other apps that use a keyboard natively:

Shopkey banner


At this time, Shopkey requires iOS 9.1 or later.

Download Shopkey

Go to the Apple App Store to download Shopkey.

Enable Shopkey

After you download Shopkey from the Apple App Store, you need to configure your device settings to make Shopkey available in your keyboard options.

To enable Shopkey:

  1. Tap the Shopkey icon to open the app.

  2. Enter your Shopify store URL then tap Set Up:

    Enter store url


    If you have a password protecting your storefront, you need to remove it before setting up Shopkey.

  3. From your device's Settings, tap General, tap Keyboard, and then tap Keyboards. You will see the keyboards that you have enabled:

    Enabled keyboards
  4. Tap Add New Keyboard..., then tap Shopkey:

    Tap shopkey

    You will now see Shopkey in the keyboards that you have enabled.

  5. Tap Shopkey from your enabled keyboards, then tap the Allow Full Access toggle:

    Tap allow full access toggle


    Full Access is an iOS permission that Shopkey requires to work properly. You can review Shopify's privacy policy to learn more about your privacy settings.

  6. Tap Allow to enable Full Access to Shopkey:

    Tap allow

    You can now use Shopkey in your messaging apps or on social media.

Use Shopkey

Now that you've enabled Shopkey, you can use it to access your product catalog from various apps on your iOS device.

To use Shopkey:

  1. Open an app that you want to use:

    Open app
  2. When you are ready to add a link to a product, tap and hold the globe icon to select Shopkey from your enabled keyboards:

    Select shopkey
  3. Tap on a product image that you want to share, or use the search option to find it:

    Tap a product


    For your products to be visible in Shopkey, make sure to enable product visibility in your Online Store.

  4. Send your message (or post to your social media app):

    Link to product

    Your customers will be able to click on the URL and see the product you shared in your store.

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