Keeping your theme up-to-date

When a designer updates a theme in the Shopify Theme Store with bug fixes and added features, those changes are not automatically added to your own theme. There is no automatic or manual way to run updates on your installed themes.

If you have purchased a theme from the Theme Store, you can download an updated version for free, as long as you are using the same Shopify account. If you have not purchased your theme from the Theme Store, you must contact the theme provider for updates.


If you are not using the same Shopify account that you originally used to purchase your theme, you must purchase your theme for your new account. Theme purchases are one-time charges that license that theme for one account. If you have a new account, you must purchase a new license for that theme.

Download an up-to-date copy of your theme

To download an up-to-date copy of your theme:

  1. Create a backup copy of your existing theme.

  2. Visit the Shopify Theme Store.

  3. Search for your theme:

    Search for a theme

  4. Click your theme on the search results page.

  5. Click Buy theme (you will not actually be charged again):

Click buy theme

  1. Verify that your store URL is correct. If you're logged in to the wrong Shopify store, you may be charged for the theme download:

    Verify store url
  2. If your account is correct, click install as an unpublished theme.

  3. Click Go to your Theme Manager.

Customize your new theme

On your Themes page, you can customize the theme while it remains unpublished.

To customize your new theme to look like the older version, you will need to:

  1. Use the theme editor to upload your store's logo, choose slideshow images, and tweak colors, etc.

  2. Replicate any changes you made to the Liquid templates of the older theme.

  3. Uninstall any apps that add code to a theme and re-install them from the Shopify App Store.


If you're not sure whether an app needs to be re-installed, find the app on the Apps page of your Shopify admin and click View details to contact the app's support email. All apps built by Shopify are supported by Shopify.

Preview and publish your theme

Preview the changes that you have made to any theme by clicking Actions and then clicking Preview:

Preview theme

When your customized theme is ready, publish it by clicking Actions and then clicking Publish:

Publish theme button

The old theme will be saved as an unpublished theme. In case you have forgotten to do a few things to your updated theme, you can keep the older one as a reference.

Is there any way to avoid recustomizing my theme from scratch?


This solution does not work for sectioned themes, which include schema data within the theme section files outside of the settings_data.json file.

Yes, but it's not easy. To copy theme customizations from the current version to a new version:

  1. From the Edit HTML/CSS page, under Config, copy the content of the settings_data.json file from the current theme to the new theme.

    That file contains all the current values of your settings in the theme editor.

  2. Download both themes, copy your images from the old theme's Assets folder to the new theme's Assets folder, and import the themes. Read more about exporting and importing themes.

  3. Uninstall and re-install all of your Shopify applications that add code to the theme.

If you have not customized your theme's files in other ways, those steps should suffice.

Why are there no automatic updates of themes in Shopify?

This is because themes are often customized by merchants, and automatic updates would overwrite those customizations. Software and apps can be routinely updated, but themes are designed to be customizable by you to suit your needs and reflect your brand. If we ran automatic updates on themes, you would lose all of your customizations.

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