Order status page

The order status page is the last page your customer sees when they order from your online store. In most cases, the order status page is the final page of the checkout process.

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Getting help

Before customizing your theme, make sure that you understand what level of support is available.

Supported customizations

If you use a free theme from Shopify, we can help if you have trouble with supported customizations. Supported customizations include all tutorials in the Shopify Help Center that do not have the warning message shown in the Unsupported customizations section below. You can chat, email, or call us any time.

Unsupported customizations

Unsupported customizations are outside the scope of our support service. This means that we’re not able to help you if you run into problems. All unsupported customizations include the following warning message:

If you are having trouble with an unsupported customization, then consider hiring a Shopify Expert. There’s also a growing community on our forums. You’ll often find friendly and helpful advice there.

If you do not use a free theme from Shopify, then customizations for your theme are not supported by Shopify. To find out what kind of support is available for your theme, go to your Themes page, and click Customize theme. Next, click the ... button beside your theme name in the top-left corner of the theme editor. Select Support:

Theme support

Add Additional scripts

The Additional content & scripts box is used to insert code into the template for your order status page. You can add any of the following:

  • HTML You can use any valid HTML5 code, for example script, style, iframe and object elements.

  • Liquid code You have access to the checkout and shop liquid objects.

  • ROI/conversion tracking scripts

  • Referral tracking scripts


Shopify only validates (checks for syntax errors) your Liquid code in the Additional contents & scripts box. We do not validate any HTML or JavaScript. Please be careful with the code you add here and understand that this will change the behavior of your store's checkout.

Example customizations using Additional scripts

Here are some example customizations that use the Additional content & scripts field:

Access the Additional scripts

  1. Find the Order processing section. Near the bottom of this section you will find Additional content & scripts.

Additional content 1

Advanced customizations

If you have a Shopify Plus subscription, you gain access to the checkout.liquid layout and checkout.scss.liquid asset file, giving you full control to make advanced customizations to your checkout experience.

If you're on a non-plus subscription, you can customize your checkout in the theme editor by clicking Customize checkout on the Checkout page of your Shopify admin.

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