About order status pages

Customers can visit the order status page to check the progress of their order as it's fulfilled. When you update order confirmation and shipping statuses, you can automatically send customers a link to the order status page by email, SMS text, or through the Shop app.

The type of notification your customer receives depends on the contact information they enter at checkout. For example, if your customer enters their email address and phone number, they receive email and SMS text notifications. You can give customers the choice to opt-in to these notifications.

If you want to send your customers order status updates by email, then you need set up your email templates to automatically include a link to the order status page.

You might also consider customizing your order status page to display special notes and messages.

Real-time shipping updates

If you ship through a supported carrier, then the order status updates in real time and the shipment location is shown on a map.

The order status page updates in real time as the status of the shipment changes. Possible statuses are:

  • Confirmed - A customer created an order, but you haven't shipped or fulfilled the order yet. This is a good time to capture payment.
  • On its way - You marked the order as fulfilled or partially fulfilled in your Shopify admin, and the shipment is in transit.
  • Out for delivery - The shipment arrived in your customer's area and will be delivered to your customer soon.
  • Delivered - The customer received their shipment.
  • Attempted delivery - The carrier attempted to deliver the shipment to the destination address, but was unsuccessful.

If you use an unsupported shipping carrier, then the order status page has a tracking number that links to the shipping carrier's website. From the carrier's website, your customers can get more information about the status of their order. The order status isn't displayed, and the pin on the map doesn't update in real time.

Orders with multiple shipments or carriers

The order status page works with partial fulfillments, even if they're made through different shipping carriers. Shopify creates new sections on the order status page for multiple fulfillments.

Customer privacy

Although the link to the order status page seems like a publicly accessible URL, your customers' shipping and billing addresses are safe, and aren't visible to anyone else.

When someone accesses an order status page from a device other than the one used to complete the checkout, there is a login requirement to secure the customer's information. To access the page, your customer needs two credentials:

  • the order number (which they can retrieve in their emails)
  • the email address used to complete the checkout

Your customers can share their order status page to let friends know about their purchases. When customers share the order status page, it doesn't show private information like payment method or addresses.

View an order status page

You can visit a customer's order status page from your Shopify admin.


  1. From the Orders page, open the order that you want to track.
  2. Click Actions > View order status page.

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