Content checklist for themes submitted to Shopify's Theme Store

If Shopify's Themes team approves your theme designs for further development, follow this checklist of content (copywriting) requirements. This is the same checklist that Shopify's Themes team will use to review your theme.

This checklist can be printed or downloaded as a PDF file:


Use this Don't use this
color colour
center, centered centre, centred
dialog dialogue
organize organise
canceled cancelled
gray grey

NO: "Use a custom logo?"
YES: "Use a custom logo"

Technical specification Format
Image size [numeral] x [numeral]px (required/recommended)
Image size with format [numeral] x [numeral]px [.format] (required/recommended)
Word / character count [numeral] words (max)
Text format Use basic HTML to format text


Use this Don’t use this
home page homepage
social media social sharing, social
social media icons social media buttons
top bar meta-nav, search bar
bottom bar below footer, legal
slideshow slider
(to refer to all navigational elements)
menus, menu
main menu
(to refer to primary navigational element)
navigation, menu
secondary menu
(to refer to secondary navigational element)
navigation, menu
footer menu
(to refer to a menu located in the footer)
navigation, menu
cart type
(with “drawer”, “page”, and/or “modal” options)
Ajax, Ajaxify, Ajax cart
.png PNG, png, .PNG
subheading sub-heading
(for actionable options that include a next step, such as uploading a file)
show, enable
(for options that allow the merchant to show or hide a basic element)
use, enable
(for options related to apps or plugins, or something that will significantly modify the theme layout)
use, show

Heading Description
Use this section to tell merchants about your theme, including links to supporting documentation and contact information.
Use these sections to give merchants global options, from background color to what content lives in the footer.
Use these sections to give merchants page-specific options, including what slideshow images to put on their home page, and whether or not to enable image zoom on product pages.
Use this section to allow merchants to link their social media accounts and set sharing options.

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