Choosing apps

The Shopify App Store has thousands of apps to help you build your business. When choosing an app for your store, begin by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What does my store need outside of Shopify’s core features?
  • What would increase my sales (for example, better SEO, marketing, scheduled store sales)?
  • What would make managing my store easier (for example, bulk print shipping labels)?
  • How much do I want to spend on apps?

App reviews

To see how others have responded to the app, you can read app reviews and look at the overall star rating. The overall rating is a weighted average that prioritizes recent reviews, so that the rating better represents the most recent version of the app. Shopify also applies measures to remove or stop misleading and fake reviews from being published.

App charges

Paid apps have a monthly fee, a one-time fee, or a fee every time you use it. Most paid apps also offer a free basic plan or a free trial period so you can try the app before purchasing it. You can review the pricing details for an app by clicking the app and scrolling down to the Pricing section.

Most apps created by Shopify are free.

App compatibility

Not every app is built to work on every store. Some apps are designed to work with specific store settings. To prevent you from installing apps that don't work on your store, app developers can set installation requirements for their apps.

If your store’s settings don’t meet an app’s installation requirements, then the app is marked as Not compatible in the Shopify App Store. On the app listing page for an incompatible app, you can see which installation requirements don't meet your store's settings. You can't install the app unless those settings change.

If an app that you've already installed becomes incompatible with your store, then you'll get an app notification in the Shopify admin that explains what store settings are incompatible with the app.

Installation requirements are associated with store settings that are difficult to change, like your business location or the countries you ship to. In most cases, we recommend you find alternative apps that work for your store, unless you're planning to change your business setup.

Installation requirements

There are 5 types of installation requirements that an app can have:

  • Point of sale: The app works with stores that have the Shopify Point of Sale channel.

  • Shipping countries: The app works with stores that ship to at least one of the specified countries. The countries you ship to are set by your shipping zones.

  • Currency: The app works with stores that sell in at least one of the currencies that the app supports.

  • Business address: The app works with stores with a primary business address in a country that the app supports.

  • Online Store: The app works with stores that have the Online Store channel.

    Some apps that work with the Online Store channel might only be compatible with vintage themes. If you use an Online Store 2.0 theme, then you should read the app listing and documentation to understand whether the app is compatible with your theme. Learn more about using apps with the Online Store channel.

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