Getting support for apps

If you need help with an app that you've installed, then you should contact the developer who made it. In some cases this means contacting Shopify, but in most cases it means contacting a third-party developer who made the app.

Apps made by Shopify

If you need help with an app that was made by Shopify, then the best place to get started is in the Shopify Help Center. To learn more about the resources that are available, see Apps made by Shopify. You can also get help with these apps by contacting the Shopify support team at

Apps made by third-party developers

Most apps in the Shopify App Store are built by third-party developers (not by Shopify). If you need help with an app that was built by a third-party developer, then contact the developer directly.


  1. Go to the Shopify App Store, and then search for the app.

  2. Click the app name to open the app's details page.

  3. In the Support section, click the link to visit the app developer's website:

If you've logged in to the Shopify App Store, then you will also see a Get support button in this section, which you can use to send the developer a message directly.

If you use the Get support button to send a message, then Shopify will contact you after three days to check if the app developer has helped to resolve your issue. If they haven't, then Shopify will contact them again on your behalf.

Sales channels

For any sales channels that are not developed by Shopify you can contact the developer using the contact information and Get Support button on the channel's listing page in the Shopify App Store. Additionally, each page of a sales channel in Shopify includes a help footer, which often links to support or other relevant information.

Apps installed from a developer's website

If you need help with an app that you've downloaded from a developer's website, then contact the developer directly. You should be able to find the developer's contact information on the website where you installed the app. Shopify doesn't provide support for apps that you've downloaded directly from a developer's website.

Request a refund or credit for an application purchase

If you want to request a refund or credit for an app that you purchased from the Shopify App Store, then you can use the Get support button to contact the app's developer (see Apps made by third-party developers).

If the application charge was processed through Shopify, then the app's developer can issue you a credit for the amount of the charge. Shopify automatically applies these credits towards any future application purchases processed on Shopify. All credits that are applied to application purchases are recorded on your subscription bill.

Some application charges are processed outside of Shopify. In this case, the developer can process the refund according to the original payment method used.

To learn more about how you're billed for apps and app-related charges, see App charges.

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