Unsupported apps

Some of the apps that you use on your store might become unsupported and stop working because of changes to Shopify's APIs. If an app that you installed is using unsupported APIs, then you'll see a warning in your Shopify admin. You can manage unsupported apps by contacting the app's developers or finding an app to replace it.

How apps become unsupported

An app becomes unsupported if the app's developers don't keep it up to date with changes to Shopify's APIs. An API (application programming interface) is a system that allows apps to to communicate with Shopify. The apps that you install on your store use Shopify APIs to get and update data on your store and help you run your business.

New versions of Shopify APIs are released every three months. These versions can introduce new features or change and remove existing features. Each version of a Shopify API continues to work for a year before app developers must update their apps to use a newer version.

If a certain version of a Shopify API introduces a change that breaks an app, then we notify the developer of that app, and they have 9 months to update it. After 9 months, if the developer doesn't make the required changes, then the app becomes unsupported and might stop working as expected.

Managing unsupported apps

The developer of an unsupported app is responsible for updating their app. There are different ways to reach out to the app developer that depends on the type of app you're using.

Unsupported public apps

Any app that you install from the Shopify App Store is a public app. Shopify notifies the developers of public apps about breaking changes early, so that they have time to update their apps before they become unsupported.

If a public app that you're using becomes unsupported, then you can contact the developer and request that they update the app. You can also look for other apps on the Shopify App Store in case you can't reach the developer, or you need to replace the app that you're using.

Because public apps are maintained by third-party developers, Shopify can’t make any changes or update these apps for you.

Unsupported private apps

A private app is built exclusively for your Shopify store by a developer or development company. Shopify sends information about upcoming API changes that could break your app to the app developer's contact email. To make sure the developer is getting these warnings, you can view and update the developer's contact email on the Private apps page in the Shopify admin.

When a private app that you're using becomes unsupported, you should contact the developer of that app to request that they update it. You should also forward any warnings you get to the app developer as soon as you get them.
 If you don’t have a contact email for your developer, or you don't know who developed a private app installed on your store, then contact Shopify Support

If you can't contact the original developer of the app, then you can hire a Shopify Expert to help you make the required changes.

If a private app becomes unsupported, and you aren't using it or don’t plan to update it, then you can delete the app to dismiss the warning in your Shopify admin.

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