Apps made by Shopify

Apps that are made by Shopify are usually free and are supported by Shopify. Apps that are developed by a third-party developer might have a fee associated with them and are supported by the third-party developer.

Apps by Shopify can be downloaded from the Shopify App Store.

Advanced Cash on Delivery app icon
In India, this app provides your customers with a cash on delivery payment option when purchasing from your store.
Barcode Printer app icon
Generate and print barcodes for your products, or print customized barcodes by exporting products to the Desktop Dymo Label printing software.
Bundles app icon
Sell multiple products together at a discounted price.
Buy Button app icon
Add ecommerce to your blog, website, or email campaign by embedding a Buy Button connected with your Shopify Checkout.
Checkout Blocks app icon
Customize your Shopify Checkout pages with checkout blocks, custom discounts, customizations, and a branding editor. Only available to stores on the Shopify Plus plan.
Data Exporter app icon
Export your store data to submit to tax authorities.
Digital Downloads app icon
Sell digital products such as instructional videos, songs, and graphic art.
Fraud Filter app icon
Filter and block orders to combat fraud in your store.
Geolocation app icon
Make recommendations for which language and currency are displayed to your customers.
Hydrogen icon
Technology stack for headless commerce that provides a set of tools and utilities for building dynamic and performant commerce applications.
Launchpad app icon
Schedule, coordinate, and execute events, such as sales, product drops, and inventory restocks. Only available to stores on the Shopify Plus plan.
Linkpop icon
Create an online landing page for your business that you can customize with shoppable product links and links to all your online content.
Planet app icon
Make your shipments carbon-neutral by funding innovative companies that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and storing it.
Retail Barcode Labels app icon
Create and print barcode labels for your products.
Script Editor app icon
Write and run Ruby scripts to modify the prices and properties of line items in your store's cart. Only available to stores on the Shopify Plus plan.
Shop icon
Manage how your Shop Store displays to customers in the Shop app, and manage your shopping settings.
Shopcodes app icon
Create QR codes to direct customers to a product or checkout.
Shopify app icon
Manage your store wherever you are from your iPhone or Android.
Audiences  icon
Find new customers by generating an audience list for advertising platforms. Only available to stores on the Shopify Plus plan who use Shopify Payments and are based in the United States or Canada.
Collabs icon
Connect with creators, influencers, and affiliates to grow your business.
Counter icon
Celebrate your achievements and display your sales and orders.
Shopify Email app icon
Create and send email marketing campaigns to your subscribers.
Shopify Flow app icon
Create workflows to automate common tasks in your store.
Forms icon
Engage with your online store customers and grow your email list.
Inbox icon
Manage customer conversations, customize the chat appearance on your online store, create automatic responses, and view conversation analytics, all from one place.
ShopifyQL Notebooks icon
Query, explore, and visualize your business’ data to better understand business performance. Create custom reports, and better visualize your business growth. Only available to stores on the Shopify Plus plan.
Shopify POS app icon
Run your online and in-store business from one platform on your iOS or Android.
Shopify Search & Discovery app icon
Customize search, filtering, and product recommendations, so you can help customers find products in your store that are relevant to them.
Stocky app icon
Manage your inventory through demand forecasting, purchase orders, stocktakes, and stock transfers.
Theme Access icon
Keep your store secure when you let theme developers, partners, or agencies access and customize your themes.
Translate & Adapt icon
Add translations to your store for products, collections, blog posts, policies, and pages.
TSE icon
German merchants can meet TSE Compliance by recording and exporting point of sale (POS) transactions to comply with KassenSichV regulation.
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