Shop Supplementary Guidelines for merchants in the European Union

Shop is a shopping destination and delivery tracking app that's available to customers on iOS, Android, and on the web. There are certain activities that go against Shop’s mission to ensure a consistent experience for merchants and customers. We enforce our terms through the guidance that's outlined in Shop Merchant Guidelines, and all relevant terms and policies, including the following terms and policies:

These terms form an agreement between you and the applicable Shopify entity, which includes both Shopify and Shop (an entity of Shopify). Actions and enforcement measures may be taken by either Shopify or Shop, depending on the nature of the violation. If you’re a merchant in the European Union, then you can review this article to learn about Shop’s restrictions and the potential consequences for violating our terms.

Understanding Shop’s restrictions in the European Union (EU)

Merchants selling on Shop must follow the Shop Merchant Guidelines. We understand that laws and regulations can be complex, and sometimes issues arise due to misunderstandings. Therefore, the restrictions we apply are carefully calibrated to differentiate between honest mistakes and deliberate violations. In addition to Shopify’s terms, if you violate Shop’s terms then Shop may take the following actions impacting your Shop store:

  • Delist a product from Shop
  • Make your store ineligible for Shop

Shopify uses a combination of automated and human processes to detect and address terms violations. Each appeal is reviewed by a Shopify team member.

Working with Shopify to fix terms violations

When you sell on Shop, it's important to know how to address and resolve terms violations that may arise while using the platform.

Product removal

Shopify may remove products from Shop in certain situations, such as if the sale of a product is illegal or violates the Shop Prohibited Product Guidelines.

If you receive a notification stating that a product has been removed, then it's important to review the instructions in the email or Shopify admin notification that you received. These instructions will guide you on the next steps to take or provide additional information about your specific situation.

Account ineligible for Shop

If your account has been deemed ineligible for Shop and you believe it was a mistake, then Shopify provides a process for appealing that restriction. The notification that you received by email will outline the steps to follow for submitting an appeal. Shopify will review your appeal and inform you by email if your Shop eligibility is restored.

Automated processes and account restrictions

Shopify uses a combination of automated and human review processes to identify and take action against violations of Shop’s Prohibited Product Guidelines. If an action is taken by Shopify impacting your account, then you have the option to appeal the decision. Each appeal is reviewed by a Shopify team member.

Appealing account restrictions

If your account is restricted due to a terms violation, then Shopify will notify you either by email or in your Shopify admin. If you believe that there's been a mistake, then you can submit an appeal by following the instructions provided in the notification. We will consider the information that you've provided and may reach out for additional details or documentation. Shopify will then notify you by email whether your appeal has been approved or denied.

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