Sell cross-border

No matter where you live, Shopify’s cross-border tools help merchants like you reach shoppers anywhere. Selling cross-border helps you reach shoppers anywhere in the world by creating localized shopping experiences for your store visitors. Selling in multiple markets can be an effective solution to drive additional revenue for your business and create brand awareness on a global scale.

How do I start selling cross-border?

One of the most important steps in selling cross-border is to identify potential target markets. You can do this by looking at the size of a potential market, the ease of doing business in that market, and the potential return on investment. Localizing the customer experience is key to driving traffic, and ultimately conversions. By providing customers the option to shop in their local language and currency, you build trust that can lead to higher sales. Check with your shipping providers to find out which countries they ship to and which markets restrict or prohibit your products. This way you can adjust shipping zones accordingly.

More information is available in our Global Ecommerce Playbook.

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