Creating automatic discounts

You can offer your customers discounts that apply automatically at checkout and on cart. You can create percentage, fixed amount, or buy X get Y automatic discounts.

For an automatic discount to apply correctly, your customers need to add all eligible items to their carts before they move to checkout. This includes the items that they need to buy to qualify for the discount as well as the items that they get as part of the promotion.

You can have only one active automatic discount at any given time. Automatic discounts take precedence over discount codes, and customers can't apply multiple discounts to a single order. Discount codes are unavailable for customers who have an automatic discount applied to their checkout.

Create a percentage or fixed amount automatic discount

Create an automatic Buy X Get Y discount

There are two variations of Buy X Get Y discounts. One requires the customer to buy a specified quantity of products to get the discount and the other requires them to spend a specified amount of money to get the discount.

The discount can be either free products or a percentage off of the price of products. If you are offering free products, then it is important that you have adequate inventory. If the inventory of free products drops to zero, then the products are shown as being sold out and customers can't take advantage of the discount.

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