Buy X get Y discounts

Buy X get Y promotions are a popular way to incentivize new customers to buy your products and to reward loyal customers. You can use them to increase your sales and profits and to sell slow moving inventory.

For example, suppose that your promotion offers customers a free hat when they purchase any T-shirt. With Buy X get Y promotions, you can offer customers one free hat for the whole order, or you can offer them one free hat for each T-shirt included in their order.

You can also create a discount that offers the free hat when the customer spends a specified amount of money.

You can create an automatic discount for buy X get Y promotions.

Create a Buy X get Y discount code

Create an automatic Buy X get Y discount

There are two variations of Buy X get Y discounts. One requires the customer to buy a specified quantity of products to get the discount and the other requires them to spend a specified amount of money to get the discount.

The discount can be either free products or a percentage off of the price of products. If you are offering free products, then it is important that you have adequate inventory. If the inventory of free products drops to zero, then the products are shown as being sold out and customers can't take advantage of the discount.

Make a Buy X get Y discount combinable

When you create a Buy X get Y discount, you can make it combinable with other discounts that are also set up to combine with that discount class.

You can combine:

  • order discounts with free shipping discounts.
  • product discounts (buy X get Y, amount off discounts) with free shipping discounts.
  • product discounts with other product discounts.

Refer to combining discounts to learn more.

If you're setting up a discount to be combinable for the first time, then you need to set up other discounts to be eligible to combine with it.

For example, if you set up a discount code for 25% off a collection of products, and you want it to combine with a free shipping discount code, then you need to go into each of the discounts and ensure they are both set up to combine with each other's discount class. The product discount needs to combine with free shipping discounts, and the free shipping discount code needs to combine with product discounts.

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