Amount off discounts

You can create discounts that give your customers a fixed value or a percentage off of the products in an order, but that don't apply to shipping costs. These discounts are called amount off discounts.

Create an amount off discount code

Create an amount off automatic discount

Considerations for amount off automatic discounts

Before you create an automatic percentage or fixed value discount, review the following considerations:

  • If you want to offer an automatic discount for your retail locations, then you need to create the discount in your Shopify admin. Automatic discounts only apply to retail locations with a POS Pro subscription. You can't have an automatic discount which only applies to your retail locations. If you select this option, then the discount will work both in your online store and on Shopify POS.
  • When you apply the discount to a collection, note that collections can't hold individual product variants. If you add a product variant to a discounted collection, then the discount applies to every version of the product.
  • If the discount applies to a specific product or collection, then only these items contribute to the minimum purchase or quantity amounts.


Make a percentage or fixed amount discount combinable

When you create a percentage or fixed amount discount, you can make it combinable with other discounts that are also set up to combine with that discount class.

You can combine:

  • order discounts with free shipping discounts.
  • product discounts (buy X get Y, amount off discounts) with free shipping discounts.
  • product discounts with other product discounts.

Refer to combining discounts to learn more.

If you're setting up a discount to be combinable for the first time, then you need to set up other discounts to be eligible to combine with it.

For example, if you set up a discount code for 25% off a collection of products, and you want it to combine with a free shipping discount code, then you need to go into each of the discounts and ensure they are both set up to combine with each other's discount class. The product discount needs to combine with free shipping discounts, and the free shipping discount code needs to combine with product discounts.

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