Handling disputes

With any job, there’s a chance it won’t turn out as expected. These guidelines can help if you’re unhappy with or concerned about the results of your job.

Meeting expectations for completed jobs

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your job, then you can contact the expert to discuss your concerns. Try to identify if there was a miscommunication and explain how the completed work didn’t meet your expectations. If the discussion doesn’t resolve the issue, then you can discuss the potential of a refund with the expert.

Getting refunds from experts

If you want a refund for payments you made for a job, then you first need to discuss this with the expert. If you both agree that you’re entitled to a refund, then the expert can create a refund request by contacting Shopify Support.

Reporting bad experiences with experts

It’s important for the Experts Marketplace to have trustworthy and professional experts to help build your business. If you’re dissatisfied with an expert’s work or behavior, or you think that an expert might have violated Shopify’s Terms of Service, then you should contact Shopify Support.

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