Inbox notifications

When a customer starts a conversation on your online store or replies to an existing conversation, you can be notified of their message through desktop notifications and notification badges. Desktop notifications appear in your browser to notify you of a new message to be viewed. Notification badges are displayed when there are unread messages.

Desktop notifications need to be enabled to receive real-time conversation notices. No action is required for notification badges.

Desktop notifications

When the Shopify Inbox client is open and desktop notifications are enabled, an alert sounds and a visual indicator is shown on the Inbox browser tab when a new message is received.

Enable desktop notifications in Shopify Inbox

To receive desktop notifications on your computer, click "Allow" when prompted by your browser to allow desktop notifications from Shopify Inbox. The browser prompt appears the first time you log into Shopify Inbox. If you miss or dismiss the pop-up prompt, then you can access your Shopify Inbox desktop notification settings at any time by clicking your name on Shopify Inbox, then clicking Notifications. Follow the instructions for your browser set up to receive desktop notifications for Shopify Inbox.

Shopify Inbox desktop notification prompt

Allow Shopify Inbox to show desktop notifications

Enable mobile notifications

New message notifications vary depending on the device you're using. Notification settings are located in the device settings, and not in the Shopify Inbox app.


Notification badges

New message badges appear in two places in your Shopify admin:

  • On the Inbox Overview page
  • In the Shopify admin sidebar

New online store chat message notification for Shopify Admin
New online store chat message notification for Shopify Admin

These notifications don't have an associated sound. To clear the notifications, view the messages in Shopify Inbox.

Email notifications

If a desktop notification isn't delivered when a new message is sent, either because you're logged out of Shopify or because notifications are deactivated, then a notification is sent to all staff members with Inbox permissions.

Mobile notification reminders

If you receive a mobile notification about a conversation that you can't respond to immediately, then you can choose to snooze the notification. A snoozed notification will reappear at the selected time, at which point you can respond to the message, dismiss the notification, or snooze it again to be reminded later. If you choose to not snooze the notification, then a reminder is automatically sent after 15 minutes unless the message received a response.

Any set reminders will be cancelled if the message is opened in the Shopify Inbox app. Snoozing a notification won't pause other Shopify or Shopify Inbox notifications, you and your staff will continue to receive other new notifications.


  1. On your iOS device, long press the notification to open the actions dropdown.
  2. Tap on the button for the amount of time you'd like to snooze the notification: 30 minutes, 3 hours, or 6 hours.

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