Inbox notifications

When a customer starts a conversation, or replies to an existing conversation on your online store or on a social media platform integrated with Inbox, you can be notified of their message through any of four types of notifications:

You need to enable desktop, mobile, and email notifications to receive real-time alerts for updates to conversations. To receive notifications, your Shopify account must have the required permissions to Shopify Inbox.

Desktop notifications

In Chrome and Firefox, desktop notifications for new Inbox messages appear when your browser is open and you’re logged in to your Shopify account. After you log in, you need to open Shopify Inbox at least one time to view your messages. After you've logged in and opened the Shopify Inbox app, you can close the browser tab and notifications are sent until you close your browser. If you close your browser or log out of your Shopify account, then you might have to log in to Shopify Inbox again to receive desktop notifications.

If you're using another browser, such as Safari or Edge, then you have to be logged in to Shopify Inbox, and keep the browser tab open to receive desktop notifications.

When your store receives a message, an alert sounds, a visual indicator shows in any open Inbox browser tabs, and a desktop notification appears.

Enable desktop notifications in Shopify Inbox

  1. Go to Shopify Inbox, and then log in to your store, if required.
  2. To receive desktop notifications on your computer, click Allow when prompted by your browser to allow desktop notifications from Shopify Inbox. The browser prompt appears the first time you log into Shopify Inbox.

    Shopify Inbox desktop notification prompt

    Allow Shopify Inbox to show desktop notifications

  3. Go to Settings > Notifications.

  4. In the Notification types section, verify that your desktop device is listed.

    Shopify Inbox notification types

  5. In the Notification triggers section, select Push notifications (desktop and mobile) for each trigger that you want to receive notifications for.

    Shopify Inbox notification triggers

  6. Click Save.

  7. Optional: Click the Send test notification button to send a test notification to your device.

Mobile notifications

Mobile notifications for new Inbox messages appear when the Shopify Inbox mobile app is installed on your Android or iPhone mobile device. To receive notifications, you need to log in to the Shopify Inbox app with your Shopify account. If you also have the Shopify mobile app installed on your device, then logging out of either app will log you out of the other, and you'll stop receiving notifications.

Enable mobile notifications


  1. On your mobile device, open Shopify Inbox mobile app.
  2. Tap on Your profile icon > Notifications.
  3. Verify that your mobile device is listed in the Notification types section.

    Shopify Inbox notification types on mobile device

  4. Verify that the Mobile and desktop option is activated for the triggers that you want to receive notifications for.

    Shopify Inbox notification triggers on mobile device

  5. Tap Save.

  6. Optional: Tap the Send test notification button to send a test notification to your device.

Email notifications

Email notifications for new Inbox messages are sent to the email address associated with your Shopify account.


Unread badges

Unread badges appear in two places in your Shopify admin:

These notifications don't have an associated sound. To clear the notifications, view the messages in Shopify Inbox.

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