Importing customers

You can use the Customer CSV template to import a list of customers along with their price list tags into your Shopify admin. After the import, you can invite them to create their wholesale store accounts from the Customers page in wholesale.

It is faster to add tags to your customers in the CSV file before you import than it is afterwards. For example, if you know the price list tag that you want to assign to these customers, then add this tag to your customers in the CSV file.

Import wholesale customers

To import wholesale customers:

  1. Use the Customer CSV template to create a CSV file to import wholesale customers. Make sure that you add the tags associated with your price lists to these customers. See Importing and exporting customer lists.
  2. From the Customers page in your Shopify admin, click Import Customers and follow the instructions to import the customers. See Importing and exporting customers.
  3. Open the Customers page in the wholesale channel and verify that the newly imported customers appear in the table.
  4. If you want these customers to log into your wholesale store and create their own orders, then invite them. Select the customers in the table, and then click Bulk actions > Send invite.
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