Wholesale settings

You can change your wholesale store settings on the Customers, Price lists, Navigation, Pages, Appearance, Notifications, and Preferences pages in the wholesale channel.

Price lists

You can review and change any price list from the Price lists page.


You can review any wholesale customer account from the Customers page. Open customer's page to edit the following settings for that customer:

  • whether there is a minimum order amount that the customer must spend in their wholesale orders (this amount will override the setting for your store that you set in the Preferences page)
  • whether the customer can pay for orders in the wholesale store as opposed to submitting orders for approval (and whether there is a limit to the order amount that they can pay for at the checkout)

You can also look up customer's wholesale prices in their customer page.

You can change the following settings for your wholesale store in the Navigation page:

  • whether customers can filter your products by vendor or product type
  • whether customers can browse items by collection in the wholesale store
  • how the products are ordered on a page (for example, your products can be sorted by the date that they were added to Shopify)
  • what products are featured on the home page of the wholesale store

Page settings

You can create header and footer content for your wholesale store from the Pages page. For example, you can create webpages that contain your contact, shipping, and policy information. After you have created these pages, you can make them available to your customers by adding them to a navigation menu. To add the pages to a menu, go to the Navigation page.

Appearance settings

You can change the following settings that affect the look of your wholesale store in the Appearance page:

  • the logo that appears in the header
  • the accent color
  • the background image that appears on the sign in and password reset pages

Notification settings

You can change the following settings that affect the notifications that are sent to your wholesale customers in the Notifications page:

  • whether customers receive confirmation when they submit a draft order
  • whether customers receive a notification when their draft order is updated or canceled

Preferences settings

You can change the following settings for your wholesale store in the Preferences page in the wholesale channel:

  • the email address where wholesale order notifications and customer inquiries are sent
  • whether retail prices are shown as comparison prices in the wholesale store
  • whether there is a minimum order amount that all customers must spend in their wholesale orders (You can also set minimum order amounts that override this setting for individual customers. A minimum order amount set for a wholesale customer takes precedence over the minimum order amount set for the store. Learn more about setting a minimum order amount for the store.)
  • whether customers can submit draft orders for products that are out of stock (learn more about ordering out-of-stock products)
  • whether customers can sign up for a wholesale account
  • whether to enable bot (reCaptcha) challenges when your customers log into the wholesale store
  • the language to use in the wholesale storefront for the non-editable text that the channel controls (such as the menu names, customer notifications, and the checkout).

Tax exemptions

You can prevent taxes from being charged to your customers by changing the tax settings for the customers and products.

If you set up a customer to be tax exempt, then taxes are not charged for their orders in any sales channel.

Supported languages

You can set what language your customers will see in your store and in wholesale emails from the Preferences page. The following languages are currently supported:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Polish

Other settings

Other settings, such as currency, are controlled by the settings that you specified in the Settings page in your Shopify admin. Learn more about these initial setup settings.

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