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Manage users

Manage all your users from one location in Shopify Plus. From Users, you can view and manage all your users. You can give users the ability to specific stores, or grant them organization access, which lets them make changes to all stores.

Organizations can have different kinds of users, with different needs. Some might need to process orders in a single store, while others might need to make organization-wide changes.

Organization-level access

To use Shopify Plus features you need organization-level accesses. These accesses are powerful, so they should be granted to trusted users who need extensive access to your organization.

Organization-level accesses let a user make changes that can affect all stores in your organization. A user with an organization-level access can make changes to a store that they haven't been specifically granted access to. For example, a user with the Shopify Flow organization-level access can manage workflows across all your stores.

These accesses are different from store permissions. Some organization accesses let users do things that weren't possible in a store (such as create a new store). Others let users do things that only an account owner in a store could do (such as create users).

Organization-level accesses include:

User and store management

Manage all users and create stores, including:

  • Add and remove users
  • Suspend and reactivate users
  • Grant and remove organization-level access (including User and Store management access)
  • Grant and remove users from all stores and set their store permissions
  • Create new stores and approve any additional fees that might be needed for the store. For example, if you create a store that isn’t covered by your contract, then you’ll be requested to approve a fee for this store.

User and store management access doesn’t let the user change a store’s owner. Only a store owner can change that account and it can only be changed from within the store.

You can't remove this access from the organization adminstrator.


Manage workflows across all stores (without access to those stores). A user with this access can do the following actions:

  • Create and delete workflows
  • Enable and disable workflows
  • Create copies of workflows for stores


View financial data gathered from all stores. A user with this access can see tiles on Overview that show sales information from all your stores.

Store-level access

To let users log in to a store and make changes to it, you need to give them access to the store and set store permissions for them. You can manage their store accesses from Users.

When you give a user access to a store, you also control what changes they can make in that store by setting individual store permissions for them.

Store-level access lets a user log in to a store. Giving store access to a user is like creating a staff account for them in that store. In fact, when you give a user access to a store, a staff account is created for them in that store. Similarly, if you create a staff account in a store, a user is created for them in Shopify Plus (if the user already exists in Plus, then their account is updated).

Users who have access to only stores can't access Shopify Plus features. They can use Shopify.Plus to log in and access their stores (as long as they have verified their email).

Organization administrator

Each organization has a unique user, the organization administrator. The organization administrator is the first person in your organization that's been given access to Shopify Plus. Their access can't be limited, and they will always have the ability to manage your users and your stores. Currently, you need to contact Shopify Plus support to change the organization administrator.

Manage a user

To view Users, you need to have the User and store management organization-level access.

From Users, you can perform the following actions:

Action Description
Add user Add a user to your organization, and then grant them access to stores as well as to Shopify Plus features.
Add organization access

Grant organization-level access from a user's page.

Remove organization access

Remove an organization-level access from a user's page. You can't remove this access from the organization administrator.

Add store access

From a user's page, grant a user access to specific stores and set their store permissions

Remove store access Currently, you can't remove a store access from a user. You need to log in to that store and then delete the associated staff account.
Suspend user

From a user's page, click Actions > Suspend access to prevent users from being able to log in to any of your stores or to Shopify Plus.

You can't suspend a user from an individual store in Shopify Plus. If you need to do so, then you can log into the store directly and suspend their staff account. This isn't recommended, since if you then suspend their account and then reactivate it, then the user will regain access to these stores.

Reactivate user

From a user's page, click Actions > Reactivate user to reactivate them. When you reactivate a user, they have the same access and permissions that they had before they were suspended.

If that user had been suspended from specific stores before you suspended their account, then the user will regain access to all stores listed on their user page, including those they had previously been suspended from.

Remove user

From a user's page, click Actions > Remove user to delete all access to your store and to Shopify Plus from the user, and remove the user from your user list. Because Shopify uses single sign-on accounts, the user's Shopify account still exists, even though they are no longer part of your organization.

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