Setting up Shopify Payments

After you set up Shopify Payments, your customers can make credit card payments on your store. You can activate Shopify Payments from the Payment providers page in the Shopify settings. When you set up Shopify Payments, you'll need the following information:

  • your Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • your banking information
  • the average price of your orders
  • the average shipping time of your orders

Accepting major credit cards

With Shopify Payments you're automatically set up to accept all major cards as soon as you create your Shopify store. Your card rate is based on your Shopify plan, and you can change plans whenever you want.

Businesses in the United States can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club debit and credit cards.

Businesses in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore can accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express debit and credit cards.

Costs of using Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments costs vary based on your plan. You can lower credit card rates by upgrading your subscription with Shopify. You can see the full list of pricing broken down by plan on Shopify's pricing page.

Beyond the the credit cart rate and the subscription fees for your store's Shopify plan, there are no monthly fees, no hidden fees, and no setup fees for Shopify Payments. There are no additional charges to accept American Express or international orders. When you're using Shopify Payments as your processor, any other subscription transaction fees are waived.

If you decide to change your plan at any time, then your Shopify Payments credit card rate will be updated. When you activate Shopify Payments, you stop paying the subscription transaction fees listed on Shopify's pricing page. Likewise, if you're using Shopify Payments and switch to another payment processor, then you begin paying the subscription transaction fees to Shopify. These fees are over and above the fees paid to your new third party payment processor.

The total fees for each payout and pending transaction will be displayed in the All payouts table. You can navigate there from the Dashboard and scroll down to click All payouts.

Set up Shopify Payments

To set up Shopify Payments on your store:

  1. In the Accept payments section, click Add a provider.

  2. Select Shopify Payments, and then click Continue.

  3. In the Shopify Payments section, click Complete account setup.

  4. Enter the required details about your store and your banking information.

  5. Click Complete account setup.

After you've set up Shopify Payments, you can configure your settings or make a test transaction on your store.

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