Add a discount to a gift card

You can create discount codes or apply automatic discounts to gift card products.

Use a discount to decrease the cost of a gift card product by a specified amount or percentage, or to include a free gift card product as part of a purchase with a buy X get Y discount.

Considerations for discounting gift cards

Before you add a gift card discount, review the following considerations:

  • You can create discount codes or automatic discounts that apply to specific gift card products or gift card product variants.
  • The value of the gift card product or variant is the amount that can be used for a future purchase. For example, you create a Get a $100 gift card for $80" discount, which discounts the cost of the $100 USD gift card product by $20 USD. Your customer pays $80 USD for the gift card, but the gift card can be redeemed for a value $100 USD.
  • Discounts that apply to specific collections don't apply to gift card products within the collection.

Learn more about creating discounts.

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