Create marketing automations in Shopify

You can create and manage automations on your Shopify Marketing page. Automations allow you to set up workflows that send an email to your customers when a specific milestone or trigger has been met.

Understanding marketing automations

Automations, both from template and built from scratch, allow you to automate email messages at key points throughout your customers' journey.

Your store needs to be on the Basic Shopify plan or higher to create automations.

The following types of automations are available:

  • Welcome New Subscriber: Send new subscribers an email with a discount welcoming them to your store. This automation currently only works with the email signup form in your online store footer.
  • First Purchase Upsell: Drive repeat purchases with product offers after a customer’s first purchase.
  • Customer Winback: Reconnect with previous customers by offering them a one-time discount.
  • Custom: Design your own email marketing automation with the flexibility your business needs. Activate your store data with a variety of triggers on orders, customer accounts, location and more.
  • Third-party: Automations provided by third-party apps.
  • Abandoned checkout: Encourage customers who abandon their checkout to complete their purchase.
  • Abandoned cart: Remind customers who add a product to their cart, and then leave your store before checking out, that they left items in their cart.
  • Abandoned product browse: Re-engage customers who viewed a product page on your store but didn't place an item in their cart.

In order to create automations, you need the Marketing permission enabled. If you're the store or account owner, then you already have this permission. If you want to add this permission to your staff accounts, then refer to Staff Accounts to add the appropriate permissions. Note that if you're creating marketing campaigns using an app or a channel, then you'll also need the Apps and Channels permission enabled to create the marketing campaign.

Automation pricing

Automation emails are counted toward your 10,000 free emails per month allotted for email sends. However, abandoned checkout automations aren't counted and are always free. If you send over 10,000 emails in a calendar month, then you are charged an additional $1 USD for every 1,000 emails sent.

You are billed for extra emails at the end of every calendar month. For example, if you reach your 10,000 free email limit on August 17, and then you send an extra 2,000 emails on August 22, then you see a charge for $2 USD bill on Aug 31. You can find your email charges on your bill in your Settings > Billing section.

Create an automation

When creating marketing automations through Shopify, the required details depend on the automation that you're creating. Once you select the type of automation you want to create, a pre-made template loads for you. Most templates are almost ready to send to your customers as is. You'll be prompted to add any additional information that may be required.

When you create an automation, you have the option to save it as a draft to publish it when you're ready, so that you can prepare your marketing strategy in advance.


  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.

  2. Click on Automations and then Create automation.

  3. Click on an automation to load the information pop-up. If this is the automation you want to create, then click Use template or Close to select a different automation.

  4. A red exclamation mark appears next to fields with required information. Click the icon to view the Action panel, and then click Edit email content to customize the automation content.

  5. Add a Subject and Preview text to your automation, and then use the email editor to edit, add, or move content in the automation email template.

  6. You can test your automation by clicking Send test. Test emails can be sent to five email addresses at once. When you're done editing the email template, click Save to return to the automation workflow.

  7. To start the automation, click on Turn on workflow. If you exit the workflow before turning it on, then it will save as a draft. You can return to this automation at a later time by selecting it from the Marketing automations page.

Once an automation is active, click on the automation from your Marketing page to see a summary of the automation and specific analytics.

Turn automations on or off

You can turn specific automations on or off from your Shopify admin.

To view the automations you've already created, open Marketing and then Automations from your Shopify admin. Automations and campaigns are marked as either Draft, Active, or Inactive.

To edit an active automation, select the automation you want to change and click Edit workflow.

To turn off an active automation, select the automation you want to stop and click Turn off automation.

To delete an active automation that is active, select the automation you want to delete and click the ..., and then Delete automation.

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