Set up Dovetale

Dovetale lets you manage a community of influencers, affiiates, and creators that collaborate with your brand. You can use your Dovetale community page to present your community program, and collect applications from possible community members using the community application page. You can set up what your community page looks like, and what questions to ask on your community application page to get to know applicants to your community before you accept them into your community program.

Install Dovetale

You need to install Dovetale to your Shopify admin before you can begin managing your community. You can install Dovetale from the Shopify App Store.

Create your account

Before you customize and set up your Dovetale account, you need to sign up for an account.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Dovetale.

  2. On the Welcome to Dovetale! page, enter your store's information, including brand name, brand website, and brand Instagram account.

  3. Click Next: Account

  4. On the Create your Dovetale login page, confirm your details, and then create a password.

  5. Click Create my account.

Community page

The community page lets people apply to be a part of your community. You can edit and customize the look and feel of your community page, including colors, images, content, and write about the perks of joining your community.

After you register for your Dovetale account, you can customize your community page.

Customize community page

After you create your Dovetale account, you can customize your Community page, and create your community application survey.

Step 1: Create your community application page

  1. From the Create your Community page page, click Get started.

  2. In the Page design section, upload an image of your logo and customize the colors of your page.

  3. In the About your brand section, write a title for the page, and a description of your community.

  4. In the Perks of partnership section, customize the benefits of joining your community.

  5. In the Images section, you can upload images, or connect your Instagram account, to show images on your community page.

  6. Click Next: Social, to continue setting up your community page, and customize your application survey.

Step 2: Customize application survey

  1. On the Social page, select the social media accounts that applicants can use to apply.

  2. Click Next: Profile.

  3. On the Profile page, select the information that you want to gather from your applicants.

  4. Click Next: Survey.

  5. On the Get to know your applicants page, add, and create questions that you want to ask your applicants when they complete their application.

  6. Click Next: Share, to begin sharing your community application page.

Step 3: Share your community application page

After you finish customizing your community page, and community application page, you can choose how you want to share them:

  • On the Your community aplication page is complete! page, you can access a link to share. If you want to share your link, then click Copy. You can post this link where your followers and buyers are. For example, you can add a link to your Linkpop landing page so people can apply to be a part of your Dovetale community.
  • In the Add it to your Shopify store section, click Grant access to let Dovetale access your Shopify theme and create a page link. You can then add this page to your store's menus.
  • If you want to add a widget to your store, then you can customize a widget in the Add a widget to your store section.

After you have decided how to share your Dovetale community page, click Save & Finish.

Set up PayPal Payouts

Dovetale's PayPal Payouts integration lets you pay affiliates directly from Dovetale. To use PayPal Payouts, you must have a PayPal Business Account, and you must have PayPal Payouts enabled.

To learn about setting up PayPal Payouts, refer to the PayPal Developer Docs.

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