Frequently asked questions about Shopify Audiences

Find answers to common questions about Shopify Audiences.

Managing audiences with Shopify Audiences

Can I exclude specific buyers from my audience?

No, but your own customers will always be excluded.

Can I exclude competitors from using my data for their audiences?

No.To avoid overusing data from any one store, all audiences use data from multiple stores.

Can I include my existing customers in audiences?

No. Shopify Audiences is designed for new customer acquisition.

Are there ad campaign configuration requirements to use audiences?

No, you can configure your ads in any way you choose.

Can I use a Shopify audience to create a lookalike audience on Facebook?

Yes. Because the buyer identities in lookalike audiences aren't shared with your Shopify admin, you need to use Facebook's reporting for lookalike audiences.

Do I need to turn on the Conversion API in the Facebook sales channel to use Shopify Audiences?

No, the Conversion API isn't required to use Shopify Audiences.

Shopify Audiences reports

Why is the number of total orders not equal to the total number of top products sold?

Because each order can contain multiple products, the number of total orders is often different than the number of top products sold.

Why isn't Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) included in Shopify Audience reports?

Because there is no way to accurately associate ad spend to audiences, return on ad spend is not calculated in your Shopify admin. To calculate you ROAS, you can use the sales data from Shopify and the ad spend amount from your Facebook ads account.

Why is the data in the Shopify Audiences report different from the data in the Facebook ads report?

Shopify Audiences reports use a different data attribution model than the model that's used for Facebook ads. Because the data is calculated in different ways, the reports display different results.

Shopify Audiences privacy

Can I find out which other merchants are using Shopify Audiences?

No. To protect your privacy, no store can find out which other stores use Shopify Audiences.

Can my competitors create an audience from my entire customer base?

No, there's no capability for any store to create an audience from another stores entire customer base.

Do I need to update my privacy policy?

Consult with your legal team or a privacy law professional for legal advice. Shopify can't provide legal advice on your store's privacy policy.

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