Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth wireless receipt printer

Model number: 39472110

We recommend that you choose this printer for your Shopify POS installation.

Where to buy the Bluetooth wireless receipt printer

If you're in Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom, you can buy the Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth wireless receipt printer from the Shopify Hardware Store, as part of the Complete Kit or as a single item.

In Canada
In the United States
In the United Kingdom

Buying paper for your Bluetooth wireless receipt printer

Any thermal paper rolls will work with this printer, if the paper meets the following specifications:

Width 80mm standard, adjustable to 58 mm with paper roll guide
Thickness Between 0.053 mm and 0.085 mm
Roll diameter Up to 83 mm

For an explanation of how to load the receipt printer, see the guide in the manufacturer's hardware manual.

Plug in your Bluetooth printer

To connect your printer to the power supply:

  1. Plug one end of the power cable into the back of your receipt printer.

  2. Plug the other end of the cable into a power outlet.

  3. Turn the printer on. The Ready indicator will turn a solid blue. The ERROR indicator blinks red when no paper is loaded.

If paper is loaded, then a diagnostic report prints.

After this, you're ready to pair the printer with your iPad.

Pair and connect the Bluetooth wireless receipt printer with your iPad

It's important to understand the difference between pairing and connecting Bluetooth devices. Pairing identifies the devices to each other, and establishes a bond between them. This enables the paired devices to connect in the future without repeating authentication checks.

The Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth wireless receipt printer (model number 39472110) comes with auto-connect enabled. This means that after you've paired your printer with your iPad, the Bluetooth connection is established automatically every time the printer is switched on and in range of your iPad.

  1. Connect your printer to the power supply.

  2. Tap the Settings icon on your iPad, and then tap the Bluetooth menu option. You should see the Star Micronics printer in the Other devices list, with a name like TSP100-XXXXX:

    TSP143III Bluetooth disconnected

  3. Tap the receipt printer TSP100-XXXX and wait for the pairing process to complete. You'll know it's complete when the printer moves to the My devices list and has Connected displayed to the right of its name:

    TSP143III Bluetooth connected

Disabling auto-connect

The TSP143III is shipped with auto-connect enabled by default. This means that a paired printer will connect automatically whenever it's turned on and within range of the iPad it has been paired with.

If you don't want your paired printer to connect automatically every time you switch it on, then you need to disable auto-connect. One reason for disabling auto-connect is if you use multiple iPads with a single printer.

To disable auto-connect on your receipt printer:

  1. Make sure your printer is paired with your iPad.

  2. From the Apple App Store, download the TSP100III Utility app, created by Star Micronics.

  3. Open the TSP100III Utility app, and then tap Unselected state in the Selected device section.

  4. On the Select device screen, select the receipt printer and tap Apply. The receipt printer will be named TSP143IIIBI or something similar:

    TSP100Utility select device

  5. In the Configuration section, tap Bluetooth settings.

  6. Disable the Auto connection option, and then tap Apply. Tap Continue at the new pairing permission prompt to save the settings:

    TSP100Utility select device

  7. Open the iPad's Settings and tap the Bluetooth menu option.

  8. Tap the receipt printer under My devices to re-connect.

From now on, you need to return to the iPad Bluetooth settings (not the Shopify POS app settings) and select the printer from the My devices list every time you switch on the printer or restart the iPad. The receipt printer will no longer automatically connect to the iPad.

Enabling auto-connect

To enable the receipt printer's auto-connect function, repeat the steps in disabling auto-connect but enable Auto-connect in step 6.

After you've connected the Bluetooth wireless receipt printer with your iPad

When your printer is connected, don't forget to:

Unpair your iPad and receipt printer

To unpair your iPad and receipt printer:

  1. Turn off the printer.

  2. In your iPad's settings, tap Bluetooth to see your paired Bluetooth devices.

  3. Tap the i symbol to the right of the printer name, and then tap Forget this device to remove the printer from your Bluetooth devices list.

  4. From the Hardware settings screen of Shopify POS, swipe Bluetooth receipt printer left to show a Delete button.

  5. Tap Delete.

Return your receipt printer to its factory settings

To return your receipt printer to its factory settings:

  1. Unpair your iPad and receipt printer.
  2. With the printer turned off, find the reset button located on the back of the printer, and then use a pen to press and hold down the button.
  3. While holding down the reset button, turn on the printer. When the ERROR light flashes, you can release the button.
  4. Wait until the ERROR light stops flashing. To complete the reset, turn off the printer a second time, wait 5 seconds, and then turn on the printer once more.

The printer is now fully reset and ready to be paired with your iPad.

If you're using model number 39472110, then resetting will leave auto-connect enabled, although you will need to pair your devices again.

Limitations when using the Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth wireless receipt printer

Shopify POS has an exclusive, 1-to-1 relationship with the Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth wireless receipt printer, which means the following:

  • You can't connect multiple iPads to the same printer.

  • Shopify POS won't work with multiple printers at the same time.

Troubleshooting the Star Micronics TSP143III

If you have trouble using the Star Micronics TSP143III, then try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check that you have these basic requirements:
    • You're on the Shopify plan or higher.
    • Your Shopify POS app is up to date.
    • Your iPad's version of iOS is up to date.
    • Your iPad has Bluetooth enabled.
  2. Check that printer paper is correctly installed and that the status indicator light is a solid blue color.
  3. Unpair your iPad and receipt printer.
  4. Return your receipt printer to its factory settings.
  5. Pair your iPad with the receipt printer.
  6. Restart the printer.
  7. Go to your iPad's Bluetooth settings, and confirm that the Star Micronics printer shows as Not connected.
  8. Tap the printer to connect to it.
  9. When the printer shows as Connected, restart it again. When the printer turns on, it should show briefly as Not connected, and then as Connected.
  10. If the printer doesn't connect automatically when you restart it for the second time, then you need to enable auto-connect.
  11. Test the printer by printing a test receipt.

If you still have trouble using the receipt printer after trying these steps, then contact Shopify Support.

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