POS embedded apps

You can add new features to Shopify POS by installing POS embedded apps. These apps run in Shopify POS and let you customize your in-store checkout in a few different ways:

  • streamline purchases by adding combos or packages with a single tap

  • offer sophisticated sales (like “buy one, get one free”, free gifts, and timed discounts), wholesale pricing, and other promotions in-store

  • add new payment methods, loyalty programs, and custom receipt printing at checkout.

Most POS embedded apps run only in Shopify POS — they won't affect transactions through your online store or through other active sales channels.

Install POS embedded apps

Available POS embedded apps appear on the Shopify App Store in the POS collection. You can install them only through your Shopify admin — you can't install embedded apps directly from within the Shopify POS app (but you can from your Shopify admin in your device's browser).


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

  2. Click Visit Shopify App Store.

  3. From the Shopify App Store, click Collections, and then select Works with Shopify POS.

  4. When you find an app that you want to install, click Add app to install it.

After you install a POS embedded app, it appears on the Apps page of your Shopify admin and on the Apps screen in your Shopify POS app.

Use embedded apps in Shopify POS

After you install POS embedded apps, you can launch them at a few different points in your checkout process:


Can any staff use POS embedded apps?
Yes. Any staff with access to Shopify POS can use available embedded apps.

How can I delete POS embedded apps?
You can delete embedded apps from the Apps page in your Shopify admin.

Will I be charged for using POS embedded apps? How am I billed?
As with all apps in the Shopify App Store, some POS embedded apps are free, and others aren't. Check the Shopify App Store listing for each app that you install to see if there are any charges associated with it.

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