Saving and retrieving a Shopify POS cart

If your customer needs to leave before completing their purchase, but they want to come back, then you can save the cart to be completed later. Saving the cart enables you to continue with other orders without losing the details of the current order. When they return, you can retrieve the order on Shopify POS.

You can add the View saved cart tile to your smart grid to more quickly access your customer's saved carts.

Add save cart to your Smart grid

If you need to save carts often, then you can add a Save cart button to your smart grid on Shopify POS.


  1. From your Shopify POS, tap Add tile.
  2. Tap Action.
  3. In the CART section, find View saved carts and tap the Add + button next to it.
  4. Tap Done.

Save the cart for later retrieval

Saving a cart is useful when your customer is at checkout but needs to leave briefly, such as if they want to purchase another item, need to make a phone call, or need to visit an ATM. During the time that customer is away, you can take other orders. When the customer returns, you can open their saved cart and finish the sale.

Saved carts have the following limitations:

  • A saved cart is available only on the device that it was saved on.
  • All staff have access to all the saved carts on a device.
  • You can have a maximum of 50 carts saved at one time.
  • Carts are saved until they're retrieved or until you log out of the Shopify POS app, whichever occurs first.
  • Changing the store location in the POS app removes all saved carts.
  • Items in a saved cart aren't reserved, and are considered part of the inventory that is available to be bought on your online store.


  1. Add a customer profile to the cart.
  2. From the products and cart screen, tap More actions.
  3. In the CART section, tap Save cart

You can retrieve this cart when you're ready to continue with the order.

You can begin a new transaction in the meantime.

Retrieve a saved cart

  1. From the products and cart screen, tap More actions.
  2. In the CART section, tap View saved carts.
  3. Tap the cart that you want to retrieve.

If there are unretrieved carts at the end of the day, then you can email the cart to the customer.

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