Selecting a payment method

After you have finalized the customer's cart, you can accept payment from a variety of payment methods on the Select payment option screen. You can choose which payment methods display on the Select payment option screen from the Shopify POS settings.

If you customer is paying with multiple payment methods or paying in installments, then they can make a partial payment.

Selecting a payment method

The Select payment option screen displays after you tap Checkout or Charge from the Cart screen.

From the Select payment option screen, you can select any of the payment types that you have activated.

If you are using Shopify POS on an iOS device, then you can let the customer pay later by tapping Mark unpaid. The order is processed as a 0.00 payment and can be paid for later.

If you accept credit cards and your card reader isn't connected, then you are prompted to follow the instructions on the Shopify POS screen to connect it.

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