Create or change your PIN for the Shopify POS app

Before you can use the Shopify POS app to process sales, a Point of Sale staff member must log in to the app with an admin username and password.

After a staff member has logged in, they must use a PIN to access Shopify POS. If you're the store owner or have the Manage Point of Sale staff permission, then you can create and manage PINs. Only the store owner can manage their own contact information, POS role, and PIN. If you're a staff member who has access to the Shopify admin, then you can edit your contact information yourself.

If you've forgotten your PIN or need to create one for the first time, then you can generate one in your Shopify admin. You must have the Manage Point of Sale staff permission to change a staff PIN.

Create or change your PIN

Before you can create or change a PIN for a staff member, the staff must be granted the Access Point of Sale permission in their staff profile. Learn more about Adding Point of Sales staff.


The staff member can use their new PIN to unlock and access the Shopify POS app. Learn more about logging into the Shopify POS app.

Using PINs up to 6 digits

You can assign PINs that are 4, 5 or 6 digits in length. To start using 5 or 6 digit PINs, make sure to update your POS devices to at least the following versions:

Update your POS device
Device typePOS app version
iOSVersion 8.12.0
AndroidVersion 8.12.0
Shopify POS GoOS version 2.0.15 and App version 8.14.0
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