Point of Sale staff management overview

You can set up staff with varying levels of Point of Sale access to help you run your business. For example, you might want staff members to have access to some POS locations, but not others. You might also want some staff members to be able to perform certain POS operations, but not others.

The amount of control you have over staff access levels depends on your POS subscription.

Adding staff with POS access

When adding your staff members, consider which areas of your business you want them to have access to.

You can have the following types of staff with access to Shopify POS:

  • Staff that have both POS app access and Shopify admin access, including the Point of Sale channel. These staff members can log in to both POS Pro and POS Lite locations on the POS app, as well as access your Shopify admin.
  • POS app only staff that have access to the Shopify POS app, but don't have access to your Shopify admin or Point of Sale channel. POS app only staff are only available to merchants using Shopify POS Pro and can only login to POS Pro locations.

Customizing access with POS roles

If your POS locations are on the POS Pro subscription, then POS staff access can be customized using POS roles. POS roles are a named set of permissions that allow you to decide which staff members can perform which actions on your POS app.

Roles make it easier for you to assign the same permission set to multiple staff members. You can't assign individual permissions to Point of Sale staff, you need to assign a role. Each Point of Sale staff needs an assigned role.

POS role limitations

POS roles only apply to staff when they're logged into POS Pro locations.

If a staff member can login to both POS Pro and POS Lite locations, then their POS role only applies when they're logged into POS Pro locations. For example, if you've given a staff member access to both POS Pro and POS Lite locations, and you've assigned the staff member a POS role that denies permission to process returns, then the staff member won't be able to process returns when logged into POS Pro locations, but will be able to process returns when logged into POS Lite locations.

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