Wholesale price lists

Price lists contain the products that you want to offer at wholesale prices. You assign your wholesale customers to price lists to give them access to these prices in your wholesale store.

You can create a wholesale order in the Shopify admin for any customer that has a price list. Customers who have wholesale store accounts can sign into your wholesale store and create their own orders.

Types of price lists

When you create a price list, you choose one of the following price list types:

Option Description
Discount all products All products offered at the same percentage discount
Discount collections A set of collections of products offered at different discounts
Set product prices Specific products and variants offered at set or flat prices. This option also allows you to set minimum and maximum quantities, quantity increments, and volume-based pricing.

Prices set on products will override any discounts applied

Because you can assign a customer to multiple price lists, it is possible that a customer could be offered the same product at different prices. When such a difference occurs, it is resolved as follows:

  • if there are set prices, then your customer is offered the lowest set price.
  • if there are no set prices, then the lowest discounted price is offered to your customer.

Set product prices

When you create a price list and you choose Set product prices, you enter a wholesale price for each product. If your products have variants, then you can enter a different price for each variant, or you can apply the product price to the variant prices.

The Set Product Prices option also allows you to set:

  • The minimum and maximum amounts of a product that your customers can order. For example, you could require that your customers order at least 25 shirts but not more than 100.

  • The number of units by which a product's quantity can be incremented in your wholesale store. For example, you could require that your customers order socks in groups of 6.

    Screenshot of the Set Product Price options

  • Thresholds for volume-based pricing. Volume-based pricing offers different per unit prices for all ordered units depending upon the amount that is purchased. You can use volume-based pricing to encourage your customers to buy larger quantities at lower per-unit prices. And you can use the first From (Quantity) column to set different minimum order amounts for each product variant. For example, you could offer your customers the following volume breaks:

    Screenshot showing three volume breaks. Volume break 1 offers a unit price of $5 for orders between 1 and 49 units. Volume break 2 offers a unit price of $4.50 for orders between 50 and 74. Volume break 3 offers a unit price of $3.00 for orders between 75 and 100.
    In this example, if a customer ordered 35 shirts, then they would pay $5 for each shirt for a total of $175. If the customer ordered 80 shirts, then they would pay $3 for each shirt for a total of $240.

Minimum orders

You can set a minimum order that wholesale orders must meet or exceed from the Preferences page. You can also set a minimum order amount for individual customers from their wholesale customer account page. Amounts set for an individual customer override the store amount for that customer. Learn more about minimum purchase amounts for wholesale orders.

Run sales in your wholesale store

It's common for a product to be offered at different prices on different price lists. For example, you could have a regular price list that offers all products at a 40% discount and a clearance price list that offers set prices on a few slower moving products. To run a sale, you can assign the clearance price list to the same customers who are included in your regular price list (by adding the same customer tags to the clearance price list).

Create different price lists for different customers

You can create price lists for different groups of products or customers. For example, you could reward your loyal customers by creating a price list that offers them your best prices and only offer it to a subset of your wholesale customers.

Exclude products from the wholesale store

You must add a product to a price list for it to appear in your wholesale store. So, the easiest way to exclude products from your wholesale store is to not add them to a price list. For example, don't create a price list that applies to all products in the store. Instead create a price list that applies to a collection and exclude the products from that collection.

If you need to exclude a product temporarily from your wholesale store, then hide the product by making it unavailable to the wholesale channel. Learn more about product availability.

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