Migrating your local delivery method

There's a new method to set up local delivery. With this new method, you set up local delivery from the Shipping and delivery page. Customers have the local delivery option at checkout if they're within a certain distance or specific postal code that you set.

If you previously set up local delivery shipping rates by editing your shipping zones, and you want to migrate to the new method, then you need to undo the changes to your shipping zones. This prevents duplicate local delivery rates, and makes it easier to manage your shipping zones.

Before you migrate your local delivery method

You might not want to migrate to the new local delivery method if the any of the following applies to your business:

  • You want to continue using a third-party local delivery app. To use the new local delivery method, you need to remove any third-party delivery apps. Apps that aren't made by Shopify are considered third-party apps.

  • You want to use shipping profiles and carrier calculated shipping rates to create product-based shipping rules for local delivery.

  • You want to customize the name of local delivery at checkout. When you set up local delivery from the Shipping and delivery page, the local delivery method is named Local delivery and can't be changed.

About the previous shipping zone method

Previously, you set up local delivery by editing existing shipping zones, and then adding a shipping zone that included only the province or state where you wanted to offer local delivery. Next, you created rates for the new zone, including a local delivery rate.

To undo these changes, you need to delete the local delivery shipping zone, and then add the province or state back to your broader shipping zone.


You had a United States shipping zone with a $10 shipping rate for all states. You wanted to create a local delivery zone for your San Francisco warehouse in California.

You removed California from the United States shipping zone. You then created a new zone for only California. You added two rates to the California shipping zone:

  • a local delivery rate
  • a $10 shipping rate

To undo this local delivery method, you delete the California shipping zone, and then add California back to your United States shipping zone.

Next, you set up local delivery for your San Francisco warehouse location using the new local delivery method.

Migrate your local delivery method

As you migrate delivery methods, it's recommended that you do the following to make sure local delivery is always available to your customers:

If you have multiple shipping zones for local delivery rates, then repeat the steps below for each local delivery shipping zone.

Any local delivery orders that customers place before you migrate to the new local delivery method don't have Local Delivery as the delivery method. The delivery method can't be changed. These orders aren't included when you filter the orders list using the local delivery tab or filters , or when you fulfill orders using the new local delivery workflows.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery.

  2. In the Shipping section, click the shipping profile that you want to edit.

  3. In the Shipping origins section, find the location that uses the local delivery rate.

  4. Take note of the shipping states and provinces in this location.

  5. Click ... > Delete next to shipping zone with the local delivery rate.

  6. Click ... > Edit zone next to the shipping zone where you want to add back any states or provinces.

  7. Search for the country covered by the shipping zone, and click X of X provinces/states beside the provinces or states that you took note of in step 4.

  8. Click Done, and then click Save.

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