Shop Promise for SFN

You can use SFN to increase your inventory coverage, decrease order processing time, and increase the number of impressions of the Shop Promise badge to your online store.

The Shop Promise badge appears beside delivery dates for eligible deliveries that are estimated to be delivered domestically in the United States in five or less calendar days. If an order is eligible, then the Shop Promise badge is displayed on product pages and throughout the customer checkout experience and Shop app. Shop Promise can also highlight incentives in your store, such as free shipping, when applicable. Learn more about Shop Promise.

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Missed delivery dates

There are a few reasons why a delivery might arrive after an expected delivery date that are outside of SFN's control.

Though our shipping and fulfillment partners work continuously to maintain our delivery service levels, shipments may take longer than usual during the following peak shipping times:

  • the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States
  • the week of Cyber Monday
  • the first week of December
  • each Monday in December
  • from December 12-25
  • on New Year's eve

The following unexpected events can also cause shipping delays:

  • significant congestion in shipping carrier networks
  • technical errors and incorrect addresses
  • any shipping carrier disruptions outside of the fulfillment networks control

If you can't find the information you're looking for in the SFN app, then you can contact SFN support.

You can submit a shipping claim with Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) if you're using SFN to fulfill your orders, and an order isn't delivered to your customer by the expected delivery date.

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