Shopify Shipping with USPS

Shopify Shipping labels from USPS are available for merchants who are shipping from locations in the United States.

Domestic shipping with USPS

You can ship domestically within the United Stated with USPS using the following mail types:

Description of USPS shipping service types
Shipping Service Delivery Timeline Description
Priority Mail 1-3 business days Ship orders within the US.
Priority Mail Express 1-2 business days The fastest way to ship orders within the US and a money-back guarantee.
First-Class Package Service 2-3 business days An economical way to ship small packages within the US.
First-Class Mail 2-3 business days Ship letters and postcards.
Parcel Select Ground 2-8 business days A reliable and economical way to ship less-than-urgent deliveries and oversized packages. Available online only.
Media Mail 2-10 business days A cost effective way to send media (books, music, and other media). For more information, refer to USPS approved list for media mail.

All Shopify subscription plans have the same discounted rates from USPS for Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Package Service, and First Class Package International. All other USPS classes have tiered discounts.

International shipping with USPS

You can ship internationally with USPS using the following mail types:

Description of USPS International shipping service types
Shipping Service Delivery Timeline Description
First-Class Package International Service Varies An economical way to ship small packages internationally.
Priority Mail International 6-10 business days Ship orders internationally to 190 countries.
Priority Mail Express International* 3-5 business days The fastest way to ship orders internationally to 190 countries and a money-back guarantee to specific destinations.

Included USPS insurance coverage

Shipping insurance typically covers damaged and lost items, and lost shipments.

The amount that your shipment is insured for depends on the shipping service that you're using.

The following shipping services have liability coverage:

  • Priority Mail (up to 100 USD)
  • Priority Mail Express (up to 100 USD)
  • Priority Mail International (up to 200 USD)
  • Priority Mail Express International (up to 200 USD)

You can add more shipping insurance when you buy a shipping label.

Submit a claim

You can contact USPS to submit a claim within 7 to 60 days of shipping your package. If you purchase additional shipping insurance when you purchase a shipping label through Shopify, then you can submit your Shipsurance insurance claim in the Shopify admin.

In certain cases of lost or delayed shipments, USPS offers refunds without the need for an insurance claim. For more information on domestic shipments, refer to the USPS's domestic refunds page. For more information on international shipments, refer to the USPS's international refunds page.

If your claim is approved, then you receive a check mailed to the address in the USPS online account.

Signature Confirmation

You can set your shipments to require a signature upon delivery by adding Signature Confirmation when you buy a shipping label for your order.

Shipments that use Priority Express Mail include Signature Confirmation by default. You can also pay 2.60 USD to add Signature Confirmation to the following USPS mail types:

  • First Class Package Service
  • Priority Mail
  • Parcel Select Ground
  • Media Mail

You can learn more about Signature Confirmation at USPS extra services page.

Shipping date

You can set a shipping date for your order. The date that you choose will print on the shipping label.

Order free shipping supplies

You can order free shipping supplies directly from USPS. You need to sign up for a free USPS account to receive your supplies.

Cubic Pricing with USPS Priority Mail

USPS offers discounted rates on Priority Mail for packages and envelopes that weigh less than 20 pounds and measure less than 0.5 cubic feet in volume. A package doesn't qualify for Cubic Pricing if its length, width or height is over 18 inches. Consider using Cubic Pricing if you typically send small and heavy products such as weights or coffee beans.

When a USPS Priority Mail rate is calculated through Shopify Shipping, both the regular Priority Mail shipping rate and the Cubic Pricing shipping rate are calculated, but only the cheapest option displays. For example, if the Priority Mail rate is 10.70 USD and the Cubic Pricing rate is 14.30 USD, then only the regular Priority Mail rate displays.

Calculating Cubic Pricing for packages

Use the following formula to calculate the cubic volume of a package. If the amount is less or equal than 0.5 cubic feet, then the package uses cubic rates. All measurements must be in inches.

Length (in inches) x Width (in inches) x Height (in inches) / 1728 = cubic feet

For example, you can apply the formula to a standard adult shoe box:

14" x 8" x 5" / 1728 = 0.4 cubic feet

This package is less than 0.5 cubic feet and qualifies for cubic rates.

Calculating Cubic Pricing for soft-pack and padded envelopes

USPS offers separate Cubic Pricing for soft-pack and padded envelopes. You can add small boxes to an envelope as long as the envelope keeps its flat shape. Expandable envelopes don't qualify for the envelope pricing and need to use Cubic Pricing for packages instead.

Use the following formula to determine if an empty envelope or soft-pack qualifies for Cubic Pricing. If the amount is less than 36 inches, then Cubic Pricing applies.

Length (in inches) + Width (in inches) = Total package length

USPS package intercepts

USPS can stop the shipment or redirect your package that is not out for delivery or already delivered.

You can check if your package can be intercepted by entering the USPS tracking number at the Package Intercept page. If the package can be intercepted, refer to the USPS interception instructions for submitting a request to change your shipment.

Contact information

If you're using USPS with Shopify Shipping and you need help, then review the following table to learn who to contact.

Who to contact for help with USPS and Shopify Shipping based on your needs
Situation Contact
Get help before you buy a label. Shopify Support
Get assistance after buying a USPS label, such as rerouting a package. 1-800-275-8777
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 8:30 pm ET
Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm ET
TDD/TTY Relay: Call 1-800-877-8339. Ask for 1-800-275-8777.
Submit a USPS claim. USPS claims
To learn more about submitting a claim to USPS, refer to Submit a claim.
Dispute a USPS shipping adjustment. Shopify Support

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