Shipping insurance

You can protect the orders you ship by buying up to 5000 USD of insurance coverage. You can add shipping insurance and file your claims directly from the Shopify admin.

Shipsurance is the insurance administrator for coverage that you buy through Shopify Shipping. Because certain conditions apply, you should check to make sure that the products you ship are eligible for coverage.


Your shipment must meet the following requirements to be eligible for shipping insurance:

  • The shipment must be shipped from the United States.
  • The label must be purchased through Shopify Shipping.
  • The label must have tracking included.
  • The products must comply with Shipsurance’s Terms of Service.

Purchase shipping insurance

You can add shipping insurance to your shipment when you purchase a shipping label. The shipping label must include tracking information to be eligible for shipping insurance.

When you're buying a shipping label, enter the amount of coverage that you want to add to your shipment in the SHIPPING INSURANCE section. This amount can include the total or part of the value of the items in the order and any shipping costs. After you ship the order, the insurance is active on your shipment.

Insurance premiums

The insurance premium rates for domestic shipments are:

  • 0.60 USD flat rate for 50 USD of coverage and under
  • 0.75 USD per 100 USD of coverage.

The insurance premium rates for international shipments are:

  • 1.00 USD flat rate for 50 USD of coverage and under
  • 1.25 USD per 100 USD of coverage.

For example, if you want to insure your items valued at 250 USD total and you are using international shipping that cost 20.50 USD, then you can add insurance for 270.50 USD to your shipping label. The cost of the insurance premium is 1.25 USD x 3 (per 100 USD of coverage), for a total of 3.75 USD.

You can also insure only part of the value of the order. For example, the 1.00 USD flat rate premium for 50 USD of coverage on international orders might be enough for a 75 USD order or for an order where the value of the items and shipping is less that 50 USD.

When you file an insurance claim, you can’t claim more than the amount of coverage you have paid for.

Shipping services that include shipping insurance

Some shipping carriers include their own insurance coverage. When you buy Shipsurance insurance through Shopify for an order that will be shipped by a shipping service that already includes insurance coverage, the coverage that you buy is not added to the coverage that's already included in the shipping service. This means that if the coverage that's included in the shipping service does not cover the value of the shipment but you want it covered in full, then you need to purchase insurance for the full value of the shipment and not just the difference.

For example, USPS Priority Mail includes 100 USD of insurance coverage. If you want to insure the entire value of an order that is 120 USD and ship with USPS Priority Mail, then you need to buy enough insurance to cover 120 USD. The cost of the insurance premium is 0.75 USD x 2 (per 100 USD of coverage), for a total of 1.50 USD. If you purchase shipping insurance from Shipsurance, then you do not need to file a claim with the carrier, just with Shipsurance.

You can make an insurance claim with only one insurance provider. For example, if USPS provides 100 USD of coverage on your shipment and you purchased 150 USD of coverage through Shipsurance, then you can only submit a claim for 100 USD through USPS or a claim for 150 USD through Shipsurance, not both.

If you purchase any insurance through Shipsurance and you need to make an insurance claim, then you can file an insurance claim directly in the Shopify admin. If your shipping service includes insurance coverage and you haven't purchased any insurance through Shipsurance, then you need to contact the shipping carrier to make an insurance claim.

File a shipping insurance claim

You can submit most insurance claims 24 hours after an order has shipped.

For orders that use USPS domestic shipping, you can submit a lost package claim 20 days after the shipping date. For orders that use USPS international shipping, you can submit a lost package claim 40 days after the shipping date.

After 120 days, you can no longer submit an insurance claim for any shipment.


Check the status of a claim

After you submit a claim, you receive an email with the claim ID and a link to access the Shipsurance insurance portal. Click the link to check the status of your claim. You can also check the status by clicking on the claim information on the order. If you need support with an open claim, then contact Shipsurance directly.

Void insurance

You can void insurance by voiding the shipping label. After a shipping label with shipping insurance is voided, a claim can no longer be filed. Labels and shipping insurance can be voided only up to 30 days after the shipping date. This shipping date is the expected date a shipment will be given to a shipping carrier and is set when a label is created.

When you void insurance, a shipping insurance premium credit is added to your account. The credit can be used only for future shipping insurance purchases. Shipping insurance credit can’t be used to buy labels or pay for package pickups.

Billing for insurance coverage

The shipping insurance and shipping label charges are listed separately on your Shopify billing page. You view your shipping charges from the Billing page in the Shopify admin.

Get support for an open claim

Support for claims is provided by Shipsurance. Shopify does not support insurance claims. You need to contact Shipsurance support by email at or by phone at 1-866-852-9956 for any matters related to your claim.

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