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Shopify Home is the Shopify admin landing page. Shopify Home displays information about daily tasks, the next steps you need to take with your orders, recent sales activity on your store, and steps you can take to build and grow your business.

Staff members require the Home staff permissions in order to view and manage the information on Shopify Home.

On this page


The Home metrics section displays a sales summary for your overall business. You can view sales data for your different sales channels over different time periods by using the drop-down menus.

The data that displays in Shopify Home's metrics syncs directly from your store's Analytics. If you want more detailed analytics about your store's sales and engagement data, then open the Analytics page in your Shopify admin.

Customize your Home metrics

By default, Home metrics will display your store's sessions, total sales, total orders, and conversion rate for the date range you select. However, you can customize which 4 metrics you want to display at-a-glance in Shopify Home.

Home metrics are unique to each staff member, so users can customize the metrics they want to display without impacting which metrics display for other users.

The available metrics that can be included on Home are listed below:

Table listing the available metrics that can be included in Shopify Home.
Average order valueDisplays the average value of all orders (excluding gift cards), divided by the total number of orders that contained at least one product other than a gift card. Order value includes taxes, shipping, and discounts before returns.
Conversion rateDisplays the percentage of sessions that lead to an order over time. This metric applies to your Online Store channel only.
Gross salesDisplays the value of all purchased items before adding fees or other adjustments, such as taxes, shipping, discounts, or returns.
Net Return valueDisplays the value of items returned over time.
Online store search conversionDisplays the percentage of online store searches that resulted in orders, out of the total number of online store searches made. This metric applies to your Online Store channel only.
Online store sessionsDisplays your online store's traffic volume, in sessions. This metric applies to your Online Store channel only.
Retail sales by POS locationDisplays the total sales value associated with each physical retail point of sale location.
Retail sales by staff at registerDisplays the total sales value associated with each employee making sales through a retail point of sale.
Return rateDisplays the percentage of items returned to your store, out of all items that were ordered.
Returning customer rateDisplays the percentage of your customers who have placed more than one order from your store. The rate is calculated as returning customers divided by total customers.
ReturnsDisplays the number of items returned over time. This doesn't include refunded shipping charges or taxes paid.
Sales by channelDisplays the total sales value associated with each of your active sales channels.
Top selling productsDisplays the products with the most individual units sold. Includes orders from all sales channels.
Total ordersDisplays the total number of orders.
Total salesDisplays your store's total sales amounts. Total sales is equal to gross sales − discounts − returns + shipping + taxes.
Total sales breakdownDisplays your store's total sales amounts in a table format. The breakdown displays the values of gross sales, discounts, returns, shipping, taxes, and duties.

To customize your Home metrics, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Home page of your Shopify admin.
  2. Click the metric tab that you want to edit, and then click the pencil icon to Edit tab.
  3. Choose your desired metric from the Select metric menu.
  4. Click Save.

Things to do next

The Things to do next displays actionable tasks to help grow your business, and are customized to your business.

Order tasks

Any open order tasks are displayed organized by task, with the number of each task that needs to be completed. Examples of order tasks include the following actions:

  • Capture a payment.
  • Fulfill an order.
  • Process a return request.
  • Review high-risk orders.
  • Submit evidence for chargebacks.

Home cards

Cards are blocks of information that change regularly to adapt to your business. There are different types of cards that are displayed based on your store's recent activity and what you've been doing in Shopify. Home cards can contain the following types of information:

  • Updates on new Shopify features that are relevant to your business.
  • Advice on how to get the most out of Shopify.
  • Actionable insights, which provide data-driven information about your store and a related recommended action based on that insight.
  • Guides for recommended tasks you can take that can help you to achieve a high-level outcome for your business, such as higher sales or improved conversion.

Click the icon to reveal or hide the content on the card.

Dismiss home cards

You can dismiss and provide feedback on any Home cards, except for order tasks. To dismiss or provide feedback on a card, do either of the following actions:

  • Click ... > Dismiss to hide a card until the information becomes relevant again.
  • Click ... > Give feedback to leave feedback about a card. This information helps to improve future Home cards.
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