Get product data

In workflows that use product data, you can use the Get product data action to retrieve product information from your store. You can use this action in any workflow, including the Scheduled time trigger. In a workflow that uses the Scheduled time trigger, the workflow starts at a time that you've specified, rather than as a result of an event. Because there is no specific event in your store or from an app that starts the workflow, there is no data automatically included.


The Get product data action contains the following fields.

Fields used in the Get product data action.
Sort data byRequired. How the data returned by the search query is sorted.
Maximum number of productsRequired. The maximum amount of products that can be returned by the search query that you select.
Select a query to filter dataRequired. The search query that obtains the data to be used in the workflow. Select Advanced to create your own products query by using Shopify's API search syntax.
Edit queryThe search query that's used to select products. This query can be edited to customize the results.

Returned data

The Get product data action itself doesn't take any direct action in your store. Instead, it extracts data from your store based on your query, and makes this data available for use in subsequent steps in your workflow.

When you add a Get product data action to a workflow, steps that follow this action have a Get product data variable available in the variable picker. To use the data extracted by your query in following conditions or actions, select Get product data in the Returned data section of the configuration panel. For custom created variables, use the getProductData object.


The Get product data action can be used in any workflow.


Example of a workflow that sends an email with details of products added in the past week.

In this example workflow, a workflow is scheduled to run every Monday at 9:00 am. The Get product data action is used to collect data for products created in the last week. An email is sent with a list of the product descriptions.

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