Organization management

The Shopify organization admin is an enhancement to the standard Shopify admin. It lets you operate as an organization by managing tools that effect multiple stores at one time. Users that have been granted access to the Shopify organization admin can take actions that control users, stores, and Flow workflows across your entire organization.



  • view total sales and orders for your entire organization
  • view a total sales and orders for specific stores
  • access analytics on specific store performance

To learn more, refer to Overview.


  • add new users to your organization
  • reactivate, suspend, or remove users in bulk
  • provide or revoke access to organization-level features
  • control store-level accesses and permissions
  • enforce two-step authentication

To learn more, refer to Users.


  • view and access all stores in your organization
  • filter stores by type or status
  • create new stores and add them to your organization

To learn more, refer to Stores.


  • build new workflows
  • review and edit workflows
  • enable workflows in stores without needing to install the Flow app
  • copy workflows directly from one store to another

To learn more, refer to Flow.

Getting started with the Shopify organization admin

The store owner of the main store in your organization is considered the organization owner. The organization owner is the first person who is given access to the Shopify organization admin. By default, this user will start with full permissions.

The organization owner can't be removed or deleted, and always has User management access. To learn more, refer to Users.

Logging in

You can access the Shopify organization admin logging in to a store in your organization. If you have organization-level access, then a global navigation menu appears to the left of your store's menu. The global navigation menu lets you access and manage information such as users and other stores across your organization.

The global navigation appears to the left of the screen.

Users in an organization see only those menu items and stores that they have access to. If a user has access to a single store only and doesn't have organizational access, then they don't have access to the global navigation.

The global navigation appears as a full menu in the Shopify organization admin for Plus merchants, or as a collapsed version in a store's Shopify admin. In the collapsed version of the global navigation menu, store names appear as a two-letter abbreviation. The store codes are based on the first letter or letters of the store's name. For example:

  • Svenshirts - Sv
  • Sven's Shirts - SS
  • Sven's Shirt Depot - SD

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