Unknown charge

The store owner and any staff with the View billing and receive billing emails permission are sent a bill by email. To view your bill history, upcoming bill date, and any outstanding charges on your account, go to the Bills section of the Settings > Billing page in your Shopify admin.

Your bills are paid using your primary payment method. Shopify billing charges are displayed on your statement as: SHOPIFY * <9-digit bill number>.

If you notice a charge that you aren’t sure about, then you can compare the bill number on your statement with the bills in your Shopify admin.

Compare the charge to your billing information

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Billing.
  2. In the Past Bills section, locate the bill that you want to compare.
  3. Select a bill and compare the charge details to the bill number and charge amount.

Learn more about managing your billing information.

Use the Forgot your store tool

If you’ve searched through your Shopify bills and you can’t locate the bill that corresponds to the charge information on your bank statement, then you might have another store that’s incurring charges. To obtain a list of your stores, you can use the Forgot your store? tool.

By entering your email into the email field of the Forgot your store tool, you’ll receive an email with a list of the stores attached to that email. Review each shop’s bills to locate the bill number from your bank statement. If you can't find the bill number, then try to input a different email.

Other reasons you might have been charged

If you’ve searched your stores and can’t locate the bill that matches your unknown charge, then it could be one of the following reasons:

  • You made a purchase from a store that uses Shopify Payments. The charge will be displayed as SP * <store name>.
  • You were debited for a negative balance on your Shopify Payments account due to actioning a refund or incurring a chargeback.
  • You were debited for a Shopify Capital repayment or remittance.
  • You share a payment method with others, and another person might have created the account.
  • You might have entered your payment method into a client account.

Contact Shopify Support

If you still can’t locate the unknown charge, then contact Shopify Support to investigate the charge further with the billing number. You’ll need the 9-digit bill number from your statement and you might be required to provide an image of the charge.

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