Getting 3D models for products

You can hire Shopify experts to create 3D models of products for you through the Shopify Experts Marketplace.

You might be required to provide product photos and product dimensions as part of your job request. Follow the specifications below when taking photos and measurements.

Product photos

3D models are created using photos. To get a 3D model, you need to take photos of your products from multiple angles:

Product photo angles

When taking photos of your product, follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that your product is positioned exactly as you want it to be modeled in 3D.
  • If your product has multiple variants, then take photos that show the different options (such as color and size) that you want to be modeled.
  • Make sure that your product is well lit.
  • Make sure that your whole product is in focus.
  • If possible, don't use a cellphone camera. For large products like furniture, use a camera with a 50mm lens. For small to medium size products, use a 70mm or 100mm lens.
  • Take extra photos of any unique details or textures.
  • Give the photo files clear titles like blue vase - top, or blue vase - left and store them in a clearly labelled folder.

Product dimensions

To get an exact 3D model, you might need detailed measurements of your product. When providing measurements, follow these guidelines:

  • Describe each dimension of your product in clear, simple terms.
  • Provide the measurements in mm.
  • Include a diagram to show which dimensions the measurements correspond to.
  • If you have technical drawings or CAD files associated with your product, then include those as well.

Check the quality of the model

After you get a 3D model from a 3D Expert, you can use the following list to review the model for quality and usability.

To inspect your model, use glTF Viewer by dragging and dropping the GLB file onto the web page.

Technical requirements

Visual accuracy

The 3D model should be a good representation of your product. Consider the following questions when deciding.

To learn more about 3D model standards so that you can better review a model, refer to Creating 3D models for merchants.

Example of getting 3D models made

Naomi is selling this blue vase.

A blue vase

She uses Experts Marketplace to find a Shopify expert to create a 3D model of the vase. Naomi provides the Expert with six high-quality photos taken with a camera with a 70 mm lens.

The six photos show the vase from the front, left, top, back, right, and bottom.

Naomi gives the Expert a measurement diagram with corresponding product dimensions in millimeters.

The diagram is annotated to show the measurements below

  • The height of the vase (1) is ____mm
  • The top of the vase to the bottom of the neck (2) is ____mm
  • The bottom of the neck to the bottom of the vase (3) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the mouth of the vase (4) is ____mm
  • The width of the lip of the mouth (5) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the bottom of the neck (6) is ____mm
  • There are 8 hexagonal faces on the vase
  • The height of the hexagonal faces (8) are ____mm
  • The width of the hexagonal faces (9) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the widest part of the vase (10) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the bottom of the vase (11) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the foam feet is ____mm

The Shopify expert uses these photos and dimensions to create a 3D model of the blue vase. The expert sends Naomi a GLB file for her to add to her product in the Shopify admin.